• Joy

    I for one am excited about the new changes coming to BWF. I like the idea of posting our own qusetions and receiving answers from others.

    I also signed the petition. BWF has been a huge help to me in pursuing my goal of a VBA3Cs. I am truly grateful to have this group of women in my life and for the encouraging and supportive posts.

    Thanks BWF!! 🙂

  • Michelle

    I hope you will still keep the fb bwf. That is how many of us found you. Be great if it could direct us to the new place so we can keep liking and sharing BWF.

  • Summer

    Thank you for taking a pro-active approach to silly policies and also being grown-up enough to recognize that Facebook is a FREE service we utilize….making it their choice to do ridiculous and infuriating things, such as deleting pages that actually help people.

  • Amanda

    I am excited about a forum! I feel more at ease posting in a private manner, especially with the sidebar on facebook making your posts visible.

  • Tina

    So- if facebook deletes your page before the forum is up, how will we know where your forum is? I suppose posting it on your blog here (der der)
    Guess I better bookmark this page!

  • Courtney

    Great idea!

    I’d be happy to help with a forum, I’ve done it in the past! I think it’s a great option for helping keep the drama low and the support high! 😉

    Email me if you want any help setting up a forum.


  • MamaBee

    that is just crazy! the craziest part is that someone reported it! i think its beautiful, just as i think bf’ing and birthing pics are. what fb should find offensive is the 13 year olds that look like strippers or the pic i saw on my friend’s page of some chick getting her crotch tattooed (and overly enjoying it) or (for awareness) the pic of the 2 teenage boys who are hanging a puppy? idk wtf id wrong with people. how can you be so offended…by LIFE?

  • kat

    I do find it EXTREMELY bizarre that the Mindy girl can post pornographic photos of herself but this placenta is banned. I would have never known this was a pic of a placenta (just looks like colorful lettuce to me, lol) unless someone told me. I know a pornographic picture when I see it. On top if this so many bf-ing pics are banned too. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But this is allowed?????

  • Samantha Bice

    Not going to lie…I reported that pic that was posted above by “mindy”. THAT does not belong on FB…

    I don’t understand what was so horrible about the placenta pic…especially since if you have never seen one you wouldn’t even know what it was. Facebook says they have “rules” and “guidelines” but it seems like it is just down to whoever is reviewing the report. A friend of mine was banned for a BF pic, and when FB replied back they sent her their guidelines…under which her photo was not violating any of the stated guidelines. They gave her back her facebook…but come one FB…stop being stupid.

    • Cyndi

      I tried to report that Mindy photo, but what I don’t like is that FB basically forces me to call myself out by either 1. blocking her or 2. actually telling her that I personally don’t like her photo in a message. WTF? I should just be able to report and then FB makes the judgement without me having to show who I am. Needless to say I chickened out.

      • Jenny

        You don’t have to check either of those boxes. I didn’t. I just pushed the “report to facebook” one and left those other two unchecked. It went through. She has a ton on there that I reported. So take that FB! 😉

  • Seana Berglund

    I took this photo to capture the essence of our beginning. For every last one of us.. It was our food, our air, our comfort.
    It was the sounds of it’s giving, like waves crashing to shore, that lulled us into deep and perfect sleep.
    Our roots lie in the placenta..can you see them? How can we fear and loathe the very thing that breathed our mother’s life into us?
    This is the tree of life!

  • Lauren Wilkinson

    So excited about the forum! Is it possible that you would be able to make it iPhone and android friendly through tapatalk please? It’s a free plugin for the board administrator, and for those without computers it makes forum browsing through a smartphone a million times easier. Once again, so excited!!

  • Shan

    We are not just passive guests – we are consumers of a product. That is how this company’s IPO value reached $100B. They have a responsibility to us, to stop violating the law and their own policy.

  • Andrea

    A forum is a great idea. I know I will participate more. I hold back because Facebook shares all our comments in the ticker when they’re made on public pages.

  • jamie

    It kinda looks like a tree to me. And its crazy how they allow my UNDERAGE sisters pics of her and her friends binge drinking and her”modeling” (her in just ruffle panties with her back to the camera and her winking), but have taken off pics of women very modestly feeding their babies.

  • LisaR

    Please consider setting the BWF community up over at theblogfrog.com . This recommendation is partially out of selfish motivation, since I am already involved in a community over there, but it is just such an awesome (and free) community forum!

  • Anne

    I really don’t understand on what grounds they took down a picture of a placenta. Would they take down a pic of a heart? I doubt it. And I don’t believe placentas would be seen as “dirty” if men grew them, too. This is a feminist issue.

  • Samantha Bice

    I just got an email back from Facebook. The Mindy photo (first link in the comments) is OKAY TO BE ON FACEBOOK. Needless to say, I sent a nasty-gram email.

  • Jan Bay

    Ideas of what’s offensive these day are SO off-kilter! It’s ok to show people being gunned down in the street and people partying in their underwear but it’s NOT ok to share pictures that are natural and/or educational?

    There are more who appreciate this information than not … ignore the ones who don’t as much as possible and keep up the good work. JB

  • BeckyJ

    Facebook has it all ass backwards. They seem to be anti-woman or anti-mom or something. As long as the figure doesn’t have stretchmarks and are under 120 lbs, and have 2 inches of clothing on, it’s not offensive to them.

  • Linda

    The placenta is an organ of the human female body, like the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs . . . I don’t see images of any other organ removed for “violation of ethics”. One of my favorite quotes for times people behave irrationally is, “Let’s all sit fown and eat a piece of fruit.” Can we send the persons in charge of FB ethics violation assessments a fruit basket? LOL

  • Ann Siegle

    When Mark Zuckerberg has his first child and his wife breastfeeds and wants to post it on Facebook, THEN the policies will change. But right now it’s being run by 20-something young men (for the most part, there are women, of course, but they’re also young). In the mean time, FB is a private space owned by (at least for now) a privately held corporation. As content developers and marketers, we are beholden to them; that’s why space like this is so critical. You need something you own.

  • Diamond

    I’ve been temporarily banned, but logged on right away and without issue-it said it was for content that was inappropriate…the ONLY thing I can think of is the placenta pic I posted when I read you were banned for it-I made the pic of my daughter’s placenta my profile pic. However that wasn’t removed, the link to your site or group wasn’t removed and nothing else is missing. They gave me NO clue as to WHY I was banned! If it’s because of the placenta, they can get over themselves or ban me forever, I could care less! : P

  • Venus

    I’ve complained to them both times, the only way I could find was to leave feedback about pictures. I took a screenshot of your post & wrote how ridiculous it is and how your page has helped thousands of women and is educational, not pornographic or inappropriate in any way. I haven’t heard anything, but I think everyone should try to contact them in some way, if you have a more direct way, let me know & I’ll do that too.

  • Kelly

    The human body is amazing and birthing pictures (including placentas) are glorious! I would rather face book block people from posting pictures of disfigured and abused animals. THAT disgusts me and people post those photos all the time!

  • woman in the moon

    ridiculous! fb is becoming less and less human, more and more like a machine…

    they’d love this one, a homebirth film that features a father creating placenta prints, at home in winthrop (from the series “at home in maine”, about homebirth and midwifery care):

    keep it real! should we rally by posting a flurry of placentas!

  • lauren

    I have photos of mine on my page and photos of it being planted under a tree had heaps of people say its gross lol but its been up for bout a month u must have some sad sad people on ur page hun xo

  • Kim peck

    I don’t see why it’s offensive it’s a Childs home for 9 months it’s not offensive maybe if people can’t look at it then it’s simple don’t come on people I think it’s great to see coz I never got to see mine

  • Alicia

    Exactly! I had pictures of my placenta deleted a couple of months ago but I reported this page:

    and not only is it still there but now it is FULL of pornographic photos and disgusting lewd comments! None of the photos I reported have been deleted.

    Leave it to men in corporate power to pull the plug on something as natural and beautiful as a placenta but promote the objectifying of women and their bodies.

  • Brandy D.Ramos

    I would rather see a placenta than all the animal and human abuses I see everyday as an animal and human rights advocate. Facebook is a hypocrite when it comes to what pictures and videos it allows. It allows child porn and animal torture pics, but doesn’t allow anything that has to do with giving birth.

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