Introducing the BWF Birth Fund

Introducing the BWF Birth Fund

Many BWF Moms in our support group shared a vision with me to support other BWF mothers in serious financial strain. After encouragement from these awesome women, Birth Without Fear is now launching the BWF Financial Help Fund. This is to help women who have exhausted all other resources and need our help.

If you can donate, it is done via paypal. If you can donate a lot or just a few dollars, all will help and go towards helping a fellow BWF mom while pregnant or with her birth, etc.

If you need help…

First, join our support group if you haven’t already.

Email an short essay answering the following…

Why you need help/your situation.

What you need the finances for and how much you are in need of.

What other resources you have exhausted first.

Possibly reference information for your midwife or doctor with your permission to contact them.

Your paypal information.

Please know your situation will carefully be considered and decisions will be based on pre-determined guidelines and funds available**. This is a wonderful opportunity to come together to help each other and do good in this crazy world!

Also, please know that different birth choices will not be a deciding factor or discriminated against!

In donating this money, Birth Without Fear accepts no responsibility in the outcome of the birth event being donated to. No advice on how to choose the proper health care provider, where to birth, or how to birth will be associated with the BWF Birth Fund. This is ONLY a donation for a birthing mother in need, nothing else. Please do your due diligence and carefully research all aspects of your future birthing experience for your sake and the sake of your baby.

*Minus blog costs and is subject to change.

**BWF and myself have the right to decline any request.

More info on the photographer here.

12 thoughts on “Introducing the BWF Birth Fund

  1. I tried to donate but it just took me to my generic paypal home page- who does the donation need to be made out to?

  2. What a beautiful idea! This truly brought tears to my eyes, thank you for setting up such an amazing program.

  3. Hey, does this help only apply to where you are or does it apply to Australia too? I don’t need the help but I’m studying to become a Doula and would love to offer my services to women who could really benefit from having one (everyone could! But not everyone can afford one :() Please email me or let me know xx

  4. Oh my goodness! The picture on this page is absolutely scrumptious – that sweet little babe with mom!! Wonderful idea too by the way!

  5. I hope that this will be wold-wide so that every mama in need can have a doula by her side. There are so many young mamas that don’t have help and support by the family, so mostly they decide to give away the baby or to abort because nobady give them a chanse.
    I would do something that this can change.
    (I’m a Doula)

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