‘Just A Mom’

For those that think they are ‘just a mom’…

Photography by Earthside Birth Photography and on Facebook.

I recently asked Ruthie to do a revised version of this quote picture and here is what she came up with! Love it!



  • Kaley Kiewiet

    Being a mom is the most important job because we are instructing the next generation into the knowledge of life and love – all the while being taught ourselves what it means to love, to be loved, accepted and forgiven. Our children give us hope for redemption. And grace for misfortune.

  • Samantha

    I *know* this is my calling – to be a mother. I have known from a young age that I would stay home with my babies…it was just something in my gut. Some days are hard, some days I dream of escaping for a moment – but through it all I try my best to show love and compassion so that my son will go into the world with those qualities. As mothers, (SAHM or working) we have the responsibility to bring up the next generation to be peaceful, considerate, and loving.

  • Tedi @ Running with Infertility

    I really love this quote. Thank you for posting it. I don’t think it has to do with just birthing or being a mom, but for those that are suffering from infertility as well. It just shows those who are able to have babies to be so ever grateful! That being a mom is something that we dream of every. single. day.

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