Another Beautiful Photo Removed From Facebook!

Ahhhh!!! Don’t look!

Seriously though, a picture removed AGAIN and this time from our CLOSED group! It is a BIRTH group. Regardless, I can post it on my blog and share with thousands more. The picture itself is gorgeous. The shadow of the pregnant mother and then with her precious baby. It is a stunning representation of pregnancy and babies!

Look at it again. Awesome, isn’t it?!

*The cute picture of the little boy covering his eyes belongs to!


  • modestly me

    That’s a gorgeous photo. I don’t know where facebook’s head is at, I have seen more “vulgarity” on a 14year olds profile picture than I do in this. Absolute insanity!

  • Monica

    Wow!! That is amazing and whichever photographer came up with that idea is genius. I don’t even see the need to remove it; pure beauty at it’s finest!

  • Liz F

    OMG what a beautiful photo! It does violate FB’s TOS though, so I can understand why it was removed. Definitely one of the more gorgeous mom/baby photos I’ve ever seen, though!

    • tara

      It is a beautiful picture, but her obvious nudity including exposed breast are against the facebook photo policies.

  • Tami Carver

    Well, it isn’t sexy smut so no one should see it! Heaven forbid that someone show the true beauty of a woman! I think it is beautiful and so is motherhood!

  • tara

    It is indeed gorgeous and artfully done, but not something I would really want my husband or young children stumbling on via my newsfeed, so I understand FB’s removal of it. However, if people were as dutiful to report ALL the actually innapropriate photos on FB, instead of just the natural, sweet ones, maybe FB would actually be a safe place for teenagers and those who try to guard what images are in their mind. It doesn’t take much, even an innocent photo, to bring up feelings in a young man that aren’t quite as innocent. I am always quick to report photos that violate the rules, especially sexual ones.. But I would still never report a photo as beautiful as this one (or any of the precious pics I have seen on the BWF page!)

  • sharon

    Seriously the people reporting these pictures and facebook really need to get over themselves,do they live under a rock or something? Wait that can’t be it they have the internet.
    The picture is stunningly beautiful. I’m tempted to post it on my facebook.

    • Opinion

      Just because people don’t live under a rock, doesn’t mean they have to agree to see naked people all the time. This is a gorgeous photo, but it does violate the rules and it shouldn’t be posted. It’s funny how people always call out other’s for being close minded when they themselves are being close minded towards the very people they are calling out.

  • abigail

    This is so beautiful im actualy going to print it out, and ive re posted on my wall because its utterly unbelievable that someone would find this offensive.

  • Julie

    This photo is the most beautiful representation of pregnancy and motherhood absolutly breathtaking. I despair of facebook and their ridiculous rules nothing could be more normal than this.

  • Rachel

    I’m not sure how it would enter anyones newsfeed, unless closed groups have suddently changed their way of working. If actually read the blog and didn’t just scan the photo you would see that she states that this photo was in a “closed group” – which means that it wouldn’t show up in anyones newsfeed. The only people that would be able to view it are those that are members of the group (which in this case would likely be mothers, pregnant mothers, mothers-to-be, breastfeeding mothers, and similar). Closed groups are still obligated to follow the guidelines of Facebook safety, security, and privacy issues. I don’t agree with it’s removal, since it was in a closed group (and I love the photo, personally), but I do see the point Liz was trying to make.
    I think those that are saying they agree with the removal are agreeing for the wrong reason. I’ve only read those that state they wouldn’t want it in their newsfeed and/or have their husband and/or children stumble upon it (not sure why you wouldn’t want your husband to stumble upon it though? It’s not vulgar, I’m sure he’s seen worse in his lifetime, and it’s promoting a cause – not insulting your own personal inner and/or outer beauty…but I guess that’s an entirely different thread…) but this would not be this case in this situation. Your husband and/or children would have to be “accepted” members of this closed group to view this photo (other than it being on this blog). Just as you clicked on this blog to view it, they would have to search for it and then request membership to the group.

    Case-in-point: Read before you try to argue a point.

    My thoughts? The photo is beautiful and because it’s not vulgar (my childred, husband, and dog have all seen “me” naked – and the focus isn’t on a particular person – if you can apply your intellect to the depth of the art) – it wouldn’t bother me one bit even if my husband and/or children did see it. If the children are old enough to get on Facebook, chances are (whether you know it, don’t know, or are just in denial) – they’ve seen *much* more vulgarity from their classmates in 5th grade. Introducing them to the world of gender politics would seem much more acceptable to me than to have them be introduced by another 5th grader that refers to the female genitals in vulgar terminology – or even a teacher. I would rather be the one to teach my kids these lessons – and I would like them to see the beauty that is truly skin deep.
    But then again – this is just my opinion – and everyone is entitled to one : )

  • Michelle

    I understand that pregnancy and birth is beautiful and natural. That’s great. But I can’t understand how you can be angry with Facebook for removing pictures of naked mothers. That is literally in their terms and conditions. They are simply doing their job. Webster Dictionary’s definition of naked: “not covered by clothing.” That definition does not differentiate between a pregnant woman or non-pregnant woman. It simply is what it is. If you want to see these pictures, then go to a website that doesn’t have terms and conditions for nudity. It’s not fair to call Facebook “dumb,” “crazy,” or “stupid” for removing these photos. Those were their terms when you signed up.

  • Kathryn

    It’s beautiful, and I call it art. Is art not allowed to be on facebook? But I guess that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  • Wendy

    I think what a lot of the people arguing that the picture is against the facebook terms of service, so of course they removed it, have missed the point. Facebook removes pictures *when the pictures are reported*. This means that someone who asked to join, and was accepted in, the *closed group* reported the image. Too bad Mrs. BWF doesn’t know who it was (you don’t, do you?), because if they reported this image, what else are they going to report?

    I completely don’t understand the not wanting your children or husband to stumble across an image like this. I showed this to all of the above in my house, and they loved it! Well, the kids did, DH not so much- he’s not really comfortable seeing pictures of naked women (in front of me, at least LOL).

    Oh, well, everyone has different opinions 🙂 and, to be honest, my children are girls. Not sure how I’d feel if they were boys. I certainly wouldn’t show a pic of a naked man to my girls. Just seems…wrong.

  • The Hillbilly Bride

    What a beautiful picture. I the mirror of the mother before birth and after is breathtaking in its simplicity. I can understand that FB would remove it due to their TOS, if the TOS is written to include closed groups. I don’t believe the picture actually has to be reported for it to be removed. Likely FB monitors certain pages/groups that have had pictures reported in the past. That is just an assumption on my part. I choose to set aside the division and argument about FB and just focus on the beauty of the image. BTW, I am a newcomer to this page and this is my first comment. I am learning a lot here. I read a lot of comments and appreciate everyone’s insight. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

  • Latasha

    Gorgeous. I didn’t even notice that she was completely naked at first because I was admiring the beauty of a new mother with her precious baby.

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