{I Am Strong} Birthing a Posterior Baby with a Nuchal Hand

I am strong because I listened to my gut. Doctors told me that I couldn’t deliver a breech baby and that I had to have an epidural and induction or c-section. I was only 35 weeks pregnant and I refused to believe that the doctor had what was in the best interest for my sweet baby.

I drove 10 hours round trip to a friend’s house who knew a woman who might be able to turn my baby. Diana turned easily after her feet got un-stuck from my pelvis. When I returned home I saw a different doctor.

While I liked this doctor, I was advised to see the other doctors on call. This new doctor told me I wasn’t allowed or even able to go past 40 1/2 weeks without putting my baby in danger. He gave me false reasons and false statistics. He based my due date on a late ultrasound I didn’t want and didn’t need. He disregarded my blood glucose numbers (which were amazing) and didn’t acknowledge that I thought my first doctor was wrong about the gestational diabetes. I refused induction and I refused weekly ultra ounds. I didn’t want to be bullied into anything less than what I wanted.

I stayed with my friends who turned Diana and right at 40 weeks, I went into labor. I am strong because I labored at home for 31 hours. I had at least five reasons that would’ve inconvenienced doctors into giving me a c-section. I knew we were in good hands and I toughed it out. My girl was posterior, asynclitic, and had a nuchal hand. I was in severe amounts of pain, but I toughed through it.

I wanted a water birth but I ended up at the foot of my childhood friend’s mother’s bed on all fours. I was so scared I wasn’t going to be able to do it, but I knew that Diana was coming and I had no choice. Once Diana was born, I laid on my back and cried joyfully.

A few days later I had found out from the woman who attended to me that I had a uterine inversion due to an extra lobe in my placenta. When I delivered my placenta, the extra lobe stayed attached to my uterus. I am so very grateful for the woman who attended me and saved my life and my uterus. I am so glad I was strong enough to listen to my instincts. I knew I didn’t want to be in a hospital and if I had, the drop from the placenta would’ve been disastrous. Today, 10 months after, I have a beautiful and completely healthy baby girl and I am still strong.

I am Strong birth with nuchal hand

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  • Monica

    You should be very proud of yourself for standing your ground. You have a right to be treated better. I too have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes with both of my pregnancies. My gynecologist tried to say I had diabetes in between my two pregnancies. …. My numbers have always been in a normal range while at home. So, I feel that no one really cares that I feel and believe I was misdiagnosed. I have had A1C1 or A1c tests all of which prove that I don’t have diabetes much less gestational diabetes. But, still no one cares and still treats me as if I a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. It frustrates me to no end. All I ever wanted was a baby of my own, children of my own. Thank you for sharing your story. I am so glad it all worked out in the end for a healthy mom and baby and you got to birth the way you were meant to birth!

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