• Tara

    Wow. This story, these pictures. Incredible and so beautiful. Your description of the energy radiating from her body. I have never thought of that, but it makes perfect sense. Thank you. Thank you for putting into words your experience. And that picture of the baby swimming up to her mama. Breathtaking!

  • Cait

    This is so beautiful, and I love reading it from the perspective of a doula. What a wonderful picture of what they are meant to be! I hope that I have the privilege of doing it myself someday.

  • Naomi

    Jaw on floor, amazing story, video, pictures!!! As a doula, I am so jealous of this doula (who was at the farm the week before me (so cool). I knew I should have attended that Rebozo class lol

  • Kate C

    Wow, this was so amazing! Have you read The Red Tent by Anita Diamante? The sisters support each other during birth with their bodies, just as you described here! Beautiful!

  • Anna

    Wow, wow and WOW!!!!! Such a powerful story. Women encouraging women in the most vulnerable and intimate moment of their life. Beautiful work momma and beautifully written doula. Gorgeous pictures by the way!!!!

  • Maggie Russell

    Wow. Thank you for sharing such a marvelous experience with us. I hope to experience a birth like that one day, bot as the mother and the doula.

  • Sherrie

    What a great story! Beautiful pictures! This was very well written! I had goose bumps the whole time! What an empowering story! Wish all moms could have a wonderful story like this to share!

  • Katja

    Amazing! I am knee deep in all my reading to certify as a doula and this is the most inspiring story to me. Thank you for sharing!

  • S.Solomon

    This is so beautiful!. I wish it were like this when mine were born in the mid -late eighties. I actually mourn that fact and what i lost from c-sections and it being a whole different era.

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