• Emergency C-Section Picture {Husband Support in the OR}

    My second born son, Ryder, was brought into the world via emergency c-section due to low fluid and complications at 34 weeks gestational age- 6 weeks premature. I went in for a routine appointment and ultrasound around 9am the morning of October 5, 2011. He was not moving or responding to outside stimulation, his heart rate was dropping every few…

  • A Birth Story of an {Emergency} C-Section

    Thursday August 29th started out like any other ordinary day. I woke up around 9am and did my usual morning routine, did some laundry, got gas and washed my car with one of my girlfriends and also went out for ice cream. I made Chris a nice dinner (which please don’t think I’m super wife because I am not. Haha).…

  • Hospital Birth turned Emergency C-Section

    While my husband was away at basic training I was raising two sons, working and going to college full time. I had made the decision to not get an epidural with my third child due to the side effects I had the previous times. I was laboring from Friday to Monday. The hospital would not admit me because I was three days…

  • Cesarean Photo Collage

    My first boy, third baby: after two ‘Drs-convenience early inductions’, this was my first chance at a truly natural labor and birthing. My sons cord prolapsed and changed the birth, emergency c-section with general anesthesia.  I am thankful for c-sections.  I’m also thankful for VBACs, which I had the opportunity to have with my fourth baby, second son.  -Nicole

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