Hospital Birth turned Emergency C-Section

While my husband was away at basic training I was raising two sons, working and going to college full time.

I had made the decision to not get an epidural with my third child due to the side effects I had the previous times. I was laboring from Friday to Monday. The hospital would not admit me because I was three days shy of 39 weeks and although my contractions were four to six minutes apart, I was still at 4 cm and not making any progress. Finally they admitted me when my contractions were three minutes apart.

With a snow storm outside, the nurses had told me that the anesthesiologist was about to leave and if I wanted an epidural I would need one right then because she would not be back. I said yes and minutes later her heartbeat dropped and I could not keep my eyes open.

They would not allow my husband in the room because of the emergency c section. I could only see pictures of my beautiful 8 pound 2 oz baby girl because of my complications and hers until the next morning.

Her cry was music to everybody’s ears. I am so proud that although I am terrified with the thought of being cut open that I had the courage and strength to do it to have my baby girl in my arms. Now my princess, Valyn, never leaves my side. Some say she’s spoiled but really she is just loved and I couldn’t imagine my life without her.





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