Chaos. Life. Birth. {A Pretty Pushers Mama}

Ever had your house robbed, car stolen, an emergency c-section, an emergency scar eruption, and a move to New York City within a matter of days? This is the story of our dear friend, Lisa Berger, President of Cranial Cradle. She wrote it as she re-lived it. She comes out feeling nothing but gratitude. You are one strong chick, mama! – Pretty Pushers

pretty pushers labor gown
Three days prior to being induced our house was broken into and car was stolen. This was the beginning of our birth story.

We now needed to change the locks, bank accounts, rent a car to get to the hospital, buy a new car seat and base, get our house back in order after cops were there all night with fingerprint dust everywhere and every room turned upside down. Not go into labor with all of this going on and our home not sealed properly. Breathe. It’s ok. We are not hurt, it’s ok.

Easter Sunday arrives and we have a lovely meal after no sleep and a lot of cleaning. I turn in early to get some rest for an early induction. No sleep. Can’t sleep. We go in 18 hours later, but the baby is in duress and she needs to come via c section. Go under at 1 am and she is born at 1:26am.

She is everything I ever dreamed of. I know her. She is mine and I am hers. She knows me. She doesn’t want to leave me. We are safe, we are alive, we are full of joy.

And very sick now from the meds. Time passes by and we finally get some sleep while the baby is with the doc. We are kept in the hospital for seven days which was fine by me. Baby boot camp with the best nurses I have ever met. And it felt safe.

We were released. Still no car, so we go home in the rental car. Still nothing from the police and we are kind of scared. We go home. We stay close. Literally. Oh, did I mention we are moving to New York in three weeks? So two days go by and I am starting to experience pain at a 10. I call the doc and we go in. Oh wait we turned in the rental car. We get another one.

She prescribed meds and says if it gets worse call. It got worse. It opened up the next morning erupting out of my stomach in bed like a volcano. I called 911. They came with a stretcher and the baby any my husband stayed behind. I am breast feeding. She needs to eat, so thank god Jesse learned how to finger feed.

I get to the hospital. With no meds they open up the stitches. Again… no meds. They clean it out. Then tell me an open wound nurse will be down to teach me how to care for it. What? What is an open wound? You can’t restitch an area, it must close in its own. It will take three months. What??? I am moving in 2 weeks to NYC. Well  I can’t do anything at this point. I am still ok.

Motherhood gives you courage and strength. We all have our stories. This is mine. I have an AMAZING 1 year old and husband. I love them both dearly and we made it to New York. We are a family.

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