Infertility, Twins And A Healing, Compassionate Cesarean Birth Photographed in OR

I met Tara late in her third trimester when she contacted me about birth photography. We met at her house and as I walked through the door, I liked her immediately. She is a dancer; and their home was filled with music, art, and lots of love. I knew it would be a beautiful birth experience, and I was grateful they chose me to document the long awaited birthday of their twins. Tara hoped to deliver her surprise gender babies vaginally at a local Denver hospital, with a well-loved OB in the birth community.

At the babies 37 week appointment, Tara’s blood pressure had suddenly risen and her doctor felt induction was the safest option for her and the babies. She went to the hospital later that day and a gentle induction was started by breaking Baby A’s bag of water. As the day progressed Tara and Tim worked together to bring the babies earthside; they listened to music, danced in the hallways, and sent loving vibes to the twins. But the babies didn’t budge. The next day Pitocin was started; they danced more, sat on the birth ball, meditated, and worked through each contraction together, but the babies stayed put. Throughout all of the induction, Tara handled the contractions naturally, with no pain medication, as she had planned. She was graceful and beautiful throughout the long process.

After over 24 hours of Baby A’s water being broken with little progress, it became time to consider other options. Their doctor gently suggested a c-section, it wasn’t emergent, but probably necessary at that point. As their photographer, I was concerned about not being allowed into the c-section with twins. But their OB advocated for me to get in with them, and I was thrilled. Not only was this my first c-section that I was allowed into the operating room, but as a c-section mama myself, I was excited to capture these moments for Tara. I remember vividly what the “other side” of the blue curtain felt like. It feels worlds away and I wanted to show her how she was beautifully giving birth to her babies.

Tara and Tim walked to the operating room hand in hand, they gave each other a tearful kiss goodbye and dad and I waited outside the door for the long 15 minutes before being allowed into the room. When we entered there was a full nursing staff for each baby, and the operating team. Their nurse gave me prime seating to take photos, and I was able to capture moments on both sides of that blue curtain for them. When it was time for the babies to arrive, everyone in the room was full of emotion, they could feel the amazing vibe of love and positive energy the couple had. Everyone was excited to see who these were too!

Baby A came out, hands up to the heavens, singing to his parents, the OB showed baby to dad to announce the gender, it was a BOY! Tears filled my eyes, and I looked over at their nurse, who was crying as well. A few short minutes later Baby B came out, breech and bottom first with little fists clenched. The doctor held Baby B up, and dad announced it was a GIRL! Everyone was shocked! A boy and girl; healthy, strong and perfect in every way. Dad immediately did skin to skin with his son, then his daughter, and then both of the babies, right in the operating room. One of the nurses told me she thought that was a first for their hospital, skin to skin on dad with twins in the operating room! Mom held and kissed her son and then daughter, it was truly a beautiful moment as the couple looked at each other with such love and joy.

The babies were born on Friday, the day the Supreme Court ruled that all couples could marry, regardless of gender. They were born on a day full of love, and it’s perfectly fitting for this family. Their birthday was full of love, all around. It was not only beautiful and incredible, but it helped to heal my heart as a c-section mama myself. I was able to share with Tara that her daughter came with her bottom first and fists clenched, and her son singing to the heavens. I was able to give them moments their eyes couldn’t see.

Welcome to the world twins, your life will be full of love, fun, music and dance. Thank you for allowing me to share in this day. I truly have the most amazing job in the world.

Photos by Jennifer Mason Photography


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