I Am Strong – Enduring 30-Plus Hours of Full Blown Labor

I am strong because when I was in labor, I was in back labor for nine hours and wasn’t progressing so I had to go home.

I am strong because after laboring another 10 hours at home I went to the doctor to get checked and was in full blown labor but only dilated to 3 cm.

I am strong because I did not want an epidural, but more than that, I didn’t want a c-section so I got the epidural to help my body relax and dilate better.

I am strong because I had been up over 24 hours in labor and got the epidural, but because everything was going wrong and they were checking on me every 30 minutes, I never slept.

I am strong because after laboring a full day I wasn’t past 6 cm and had to receive pitocin, which was not in my birth plan.

I am strong because when my temperature spiked, I was given on a nonrebreather face mask to help with my babies decelerations and managed to stay calm.

I am strong because my epidural stopped working when it became time to push at 30+ plus hours, and I had all back labor with the baby posterior.

I am strong because I pushed for three hours to avoid putting my baby through a c-section.

I am strong because I still have sad feelings about getting an epidural and pitocin but look at my healthy baby I know it was all for her.

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  • Leslie

    So similar to my story, except I was at 28 hours. There was no way I was getting a csection unless it was an emergency!!! So glad to hear other woman were able to prove the dr wrong that a csection is not always the answer!!

  • My Litte Me

    You are strong and you endured! I didn’t have a choice unfortunately and as much as I didn’t want to have a c-section, they told my my baby wouldn’t make it if I didn’t. Without hesitation after hearing that, I was wheeled back via emergency c-section. I have since had another and now my body is ravaged with pain from the adhesions. I don’t have regrets because I have my healthy children but I am certainly paying the price from the traumatic surgeries. Thank you for sharing your story!

  • Hannah Fogarty

    I AM strong. My first labor was very very similar. I have had the chance to have a very healing second labor where I felt empowered and in control. My first, I had lots of feelings of failure, disappointment, and fear after it was all over.
    Now it is part of my story and makes me better equipped to help women through their labors as a nurse.

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