Brand New Home Birth Baby Book by My Homegrown Baby

As many of you know, we have six children. Baby books are adorable and we started one with our first baby. As you may imagine where this is going, we didn’t continue this with our subsequent children. With child number two and three I had major mom guilt. By child four I got over it. They were loved, fed, clothed and I did not have time for complicated, detailed baby books.

When the founder of My Homegrown Baby contacted me about her baby book, I’ll admit there may have been some eyebrow raising suspicions, but I agreed to check it out. I am so happy to say I was presently surprised. Not only is it adorable, but it is simple. I like simple.

The kids are going to help me work on it for Beardbaby and none of them are upset they don’t have one. Each child and journey is different. If you are looking for a baby book, especially a home birth one, here it is!

home birth baby book

This 85 page 10 X 10.25 baby book includes homebirth specific details such as:

  • Preparing for your home birth
  • Details about your midwife and pre-natal care
  • Baby Shower and Blessingway
  • Homebirth Story written by Mom AND Dad. Love that!


  • Additional pages you need to record your child’s first 5 years such as:
    Family History, Birth Announcement, Hand & Foot Prints, Doctor Visits, Monthly Summaries, Baby’s Firsts, Baby’s Milestones, Birthday’s First Day of School, and more!


 If you want an opportunity to win one, visit our Facebook Page or you can just grab your own here.

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  • Lynorh

    Just wanted to ask if you could specifically share what milestones and developments are included in the book. I’m really particular about what is included. My friend had a home birth, so I really want to get her a book like this instead of the typical ones. But would you mind letting me know exactly what milestones and developments are included in detail please?

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