Victoria Azarenka Returns to Tennis at 7 Months Postpartum

Belarusian tennis star and former world number one Victoria Azarenka has announced she will return to the tennis court at this year’s Wimbledon on July 3rd, only seven months after giving birth to her baby boy Leo.

Her last tournament was the French Open in May 2016, where she was in her first trimester of pregnancy, an impressive feat to say the least.

Last ranked as number six in the world, Azarenka can retain her ranking if she returns within 12 months of giving birth. Granted, it is a warm-up event prior to Wimbledon and not actually Wimbledon itself. However, she has announced she would play in the Bank of the West Classic at the end of July.

That stands to reason that she has extra time to return to the tennis court, possibly waiting until the US Open in August, or possibly even a smaller tournament closer to December.

Seven months postpartum may seem too soon for some, it may not to others. There are many factors to be considered, including previous training, the type of birth you had, and your variation of normal. When did you feel comfortable starting your favorite activities and exercises postpartum?

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  • Emily

    I don’t really think it’s for us to say. Yes, tennis is her job and an intense physical activity, but that very well may be the best thing for her mindset. It’s probably something she absolutely loves and something that is a stress reliever for her. After all, to make it to that high of a level, you have to love it. I don’t know why it’s even a conversation piece because it’s completely up to her, her recovery, her doctor, her husband etc. We’re all so different and our pregnancies, births, and recoveries are all so different. In my first pregnancy, I was super active during and had a rough labor and delivery so I couldn’t get back to much exercise until 4 months postpartum and that’s fine. A friend of mine had an incredibly easy delivery and was back in the gym and feeling great after 6 weeks and I think that’s great for her! It wasn’t for me. If this is what this particular athlete feels is best for her then more power to her! Not for me to put any particular timeline on it.

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