A Few Birth Videos…

Karla sent me her birth video and pictures to share with you. So gorgeous and can be found here.

Also, Alison sent me her last two birth videos, both incredibly inspiring!

Here is her first one. It was her 6th baby. She says, “My labor was 43 hours long and I love that these photos captured how much love and support that I had during his home water birth. I am now 38 weeks with #7 and looking forward to another birth day party very soon!”

Her second video was of her 7th baby’s birth. She says, “7th baby was born in February and Ceci did such a great job capturing his siblings anticipation and love.”




  • Sarah

    Beautiful! Both made me tear up but I couldn’t stop with the second.
    Thank you SO much for sharing. These videos are so beautifully empowering! 🙂

  • candy

    beauitful ! i wish i could have the same sort of labour/birth story but unfortunately my babies are born prem.. with my last i almost had a home birth, but not on purpouse, just because i labour so fast without warning. This is a lovely story and ofcourse i balled like everyone else ! congratulations x

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