Pickles and Ice Cream

by Birth Without Fear on January 25, 2011

pickles and ice creamWe all have heard of many weird cravings our mothers, grandmothers and friends have experienced when pregnant. Girlfriends will compare the things they just have to eat when pregnant. Husband’s truly are sent out to the store late at night to fulfill that overbearing need his pregnant wife is dying for.

Do pregnant women really have strong cravings? Do they really crave odd things?

Yes! Not only do we crave them, but we can’t think of anything else until we satisfy them! I recently asked on our BWF Facebook page what were our mama’s most common and/or strange cravings. We had well over a 100 responses. I will share the most popular ones with you here.

The most common food and drink cravings were:

  • Mexican Food
  • Anything lemon: sliced lemons, lemonade, lemon sherert, and even one woman who craved smelling lemon scented Pledge!
  • Fruit, especially citrus.
  • Red meat, even by women who were vegetarian for years
  • Tuna
  • Chocolate
  • Ice…lots and lots of ice
  • Ice cold water
  • Coca Cola

Oddest cravings, which usually were a mix of sweet and salty:

  • You guessed it…pickles and ice cream
  • Mac n Cheese with honey
  • Corn dogs and cheese sticks dipped in jelly, jam, and syrup
  • Tator tots dipped in applesauce
  • Tropical Starbursts with pretzels
  • Roasted marrow bone

Non Food Cravings, also known as Pica (which luckily they talked themselves out of consuming):

  • Dirt (one mama ate pasta to satisfy this craving)
  • Chalk (a mama chews on ice to keep from chewing on chalk)
  • Vic’s Vapor Rub
  • Bleach (lemon)
  • The smell of gasoline

So, the next time a pregnant mama you know has a (food related) craving, indulge her! What were your cravings?


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