Patience and Peace

by Birth Without Fear on March 7, 2011

I am 43 weeks pregnant now and have realized a few things I need to do to be in the right state of mind to be patient for this little one to pick his/her birthday and to have peace on my journey. I love BWF and I love our Facebook community. However, a pregnant woman is just more vulnerable to stories, comments, etc. I don’t think I realized how reading hundreds of traumatizing stories, well meaning, but negative comments, the amount of support I would give and feeling the loss many mamas have experience would effect me mentally for my pregnancy and birth.

I need to be in a strong, trusting place and it is hard to stay there when I am constantly reading and surrounded by what I previously described. Don’t get me wrong. So many of you are supportive and I love you dearly. I think you’ll understand though. BWF is not gone, just taking a mini-vacation. We’ll be back very soon with the announcement of our newest mini-BWF!

~Mrs. BWF


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