Patience and Peace

Patience and Peace

I am 43 weeks pregnant now and have realized a few things I need to do to be in the right state of mind to be patient for this little one to pick his/her birthday and to have peace on my journey. I love BWF and I love our Facebook community. However, a pregnant woman is just more vulnerable to stories, comments, etc. I don’t think I realized how reading hundreds of traumatizing stories, well meaning, but negative comments, the amount of support I would give and feeling the loss many mamas have experience would effect me mentally for my pregnancy and birth.

I need to be in a strong, trusting place and it is hard to stay there when I am constantly reading and surrounded by what I previously described. Don’t get me wrong. So many of you are supportive and I love you dearly. I think you’ll understand though. BWF is not gone, just taking a mini-vacation. We’ll be back very soon with the announcement of our newest mini-BWF!

~Mrs. BWF

19 thoughts on “Patience and Peace

  1. I completely understand mama!!! You enjoy this precious time waiting for your little one. We’re praying for you daily and know that this will be an amazing journey for your family!! Love you friend!


  2. (((Hugs))) We totally understand and will patiently wat for you …. take your time and enjoy your time; you so totally deserve it and we respect your needs. You are indeed a very wise Mama!!

  3. Good; with the nasty comments people were making to you, I was hoping you’d take a little break from the internet until mini bwf makes his or her appearance. You don’t need that. 1 mean comment in 100 nice ones, and the 1 will be the one to stick with you- I’m the same way. You are an awesome strong mama and you don’t need that negativity. Have a wonderful, peaceful birth and we will see you SOON! I have a very strong feeling that your little one is on the way this morning, if not already here… but who knows. 😉

  4. I’ve been thinking about you lately. 🙂 A friend’s mom had six kids, one of them born at 41 weeks, while the other five born b/t 43-44 weeks. All are adults now, and were healthy then as well. I thought at first she was teasing when she said how late her kids were, but her kiddos (and apparently yours, too) just like to hang out awhile. Wishing you peace and grace. 🙂 You can do this! To echo and earlier comment, happy baby moon. 🙂

  5. Strength…Serenity…Silence

    Baby will know when it’s “time” 🙂

    I pray you’ll have a blessed, peaceful birth! <3

    1. Haha. That literally made me LOL. Are you on our FB page? I gave birth at home on March 11th (43 weeks, 3 days) to a wonderful, healthy little boy. 🙂

      1. LOL … yes I am but my computer was broke for a while. Im all caught up now! Congratulations on the little guy!

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