What to ‘Actually’ Expect When Pregnant!

by Birth Without Fear on December 20, 2011

I remember reading one of those What to Expect When Expecting books when I was pregnant with my first. A few months into my pregnancy I threw it away. I was just not ‘normal,’ at least not according to them. How can you put every single pregnant woman the same category? We are not average. We are each individuals and what is normal or average for me, may not be the same for you!

I recently asked on the Birth Without Fear Facebook page, ” What surprised you the most about the changes in your body when you were pregnant?”

As you will read, there is a vast difference and range of what is ‘normal.’ Here is a real list of things you may or may not experience when pregnant. In the real world, we are ALL ‘normal!!!’

  • You may be so hormonal you’ll cry at commercials or movies that give you no reason to do so.
  • Experiencing the movement of your child may be scary, amazing, beautiful or even weird to you. We are all different!
  • Changes in breasts can range from no change at all, bigger areolas, nipple changes, soreness (or lack thereof), increase in 1 or more cup sizes, change in sensitivity, and don’t forget the changes that come after having baby…those just can not be predicted. Good luck!
  • You may not be able to see your feet.
  • You may be able to still see your feet, bend over and tie your shoes at 9 months pregnant.
  • Morning sickness can really be ‘all day sickness’. You may never get this, you may have it the ‘average’ 12 weeks or you may have it up until the day you give birth. Sorry.
  • Peeing your pants will no longer be a memory from your potty training years. Standing up too fast, sneezing or coughing may induce a trickle. Be prepared!
  • You may find that you and your spouse absolutely fall in love with your pregnant body. Maybe not.
  • Your belly may go flat again after birth (causing many of us to be jealous) or it may never get back down and there will always be squishiness to learn to love.
  • You will want to have sex all the time…can’t get enough! Bring it!
  • You will never want to be touched. Sex? Ew…gross.
  • When your baby has the hiccups you can feel it and it may tickle.
  • All your pregnancies will vary. Emotionally and physically.
  • Your senses might be heightened.
  • You may be surprised that you experience no changes at all. You will feel the same pregnant as you did before you conceived.

So here is a list from real mamas who have experienced pregnancy. You may recognize many of them or none of them. Either way is just perfect for YOU! Enjoy the changes of each pregnancy you are blessed with.


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