Awesome Video Shows 3rd Stage of Labor and Post Birth at Home

by Mrs. BWF on January 6, 2012

What happens after a baby is born at home?

Betsy sent me her video put together by One Tree Photography to show what it is like after baby is born at home. She says…

“This film is of the birth of my third baby. She was born in June.

My first birth was a hospital birth in which I narrowly avoided a c-section. My baby spent five days in the NICU. We both suffered.

My second birth allowed me to heal.

And my third birth was simply joyful. I’m so grateful to have had the experience.

Our photographer and midwife missed the birth because after two days of latent labor, my body sped right through active labor and pushing very quickly! My husband snapped a few photos of me in transition and then a few right after the baby was born. He guided her out of my body himself! The photographer arrived a bit later.

I’m so proud of this film and would love for you to share it! I think it shows how peaceful and family-oriented birth can be.”


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