On a Time Frame with Birth Center, Started Labor with a Breast Pump

by Mrs. BWF on January 26, 2012

I have 2 daughters one is about to turn 5 in a couple of weeks and the other is 2. I was a young mom being only 20 when I delivered my first. I wanted to go natural with her, I just didn’t educate myself enough. So I ended up having an epidural and a severe episiotomy (hole to hole) TERRIBLE hospital experience!!!

So, when I became pregnant with my second daughter I KNEW better! Plus I had amazing support the second go around! I birthed at a birth center. The interesting part of this story is that Ansley just didn’t want to come out! We all know that nothing is ever perfect. Well let me tell you that my biggest fear was having to go to the hospital! I DID NOT WANT to deliver in the hospital again!

The birth center had certain RULES that they had to follow. I wasn’t allowed to go 2 weeks past my ‘due date’! When it was coming up on 10 days over, we started discussing things that could be done to bring on labor.  I had my membranes stripped 3 times and nothing! I had the Foley bulb put in and a few contractions came along with that but only just enough to get the bulb out! The contractions stopped after the bulb popped out!

I was beginning to get very upset and worried that they were going to make me go the hospital and get pitocin or cervidil. Anyways, long story short is I went into labor by the breast pump! Yes, nipple stimulation! I went into the birth center around 10 am and started the pump. The routine was 45 minutes on the pump and 15 minutes off! During the 15 minutes I would take a couple of laps around the parking lot which was a huge hill, then go to the bathroom, and then back to the pump!

I was in shock when the contractions began! I couldn’t believe it was working! I was not going into the appointment that day thinking that I would have my baby, but I was wrong! The contractions were getting stronger and stronger, and around 7 pm that night I stopped the pump/ My labor was ON!

Ansley was on her way via the breast pump! It wasn’t my ideal, as I wanted to labor at home for as long as possible and then go to the birth center when it was time to deliver. Although it didn’t happen the way I wanted, I am very very happy with the out come.

I delivered my beautiful 8lb 11oz baby at the birth center on September 3rd 2009 around 3 am. -Brittany


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