Showing Love and Support to All

by Mrs. BWF on October 23, 2012

I once shared this picture with a great response (and I adore it).

I have blogged about supporting all women in their birthing choices and emowering births, no matter what that means to them. I also recently shared this picture on Facebook

rainbow baby blanket

The chaos that followed was insane. How can I share this picture? What am I saying? Aren’t I Mormon or at least Christian (yes to both by the way). Great, now BWF is going to turn people gay (someone actually said that).

The thing is, I NEVER shared my opinion. I simply shared a beautiful picture of a baby as a gesture that my support goes to all. That’s it. I didn’t take a religious or political standpoint, I took only one stand…to support and love all. Who can really argue with that? Isn’t that the true ‘Christian’ thing to do? I think so.

So, I share this with you to reaffirm my stance. Not a religious one. Not a political one. One of love, understanding and support.

You can teach your children your politics, your religions, your morals and values and at the same time, teach them love. Really, you can.



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