The Moment of Birth

by Mrs. BWF on January 26, 2013

Most women have never seen birth…until their own. We talk about how it may feel, what we may go through and our experiences. We even share stories and birth pictures. But what does birth really look like? What are our amazing bodies capable of? Growing a person with no detail forgotten to the moment of when our child is ready to separate from us physically and come earthside. What does THAT moment look like?

Well, Morag Hastings, a wonderful doula and photographer recently captured the details of the delicate, yet powerful moments of life beginning. The mother has given us permission to share. This was a first time mom and she had a great midwife. Baby boy was born 3 weeks early and was 8lbs 3 oz.

This picture is incredible. Art.

Look how mom reaches down and feels her baby’s head. So close!

Each picture captures the stages of crowning and baby being born.

This is birth.

To see more of Apple Blossom Families photography you can visit their website or see what’s new on Facebook!


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