I Am Strong {Because We Have Each Other}

by mamabearbri on March 3, 2014

I am strong because the day I unexpectedly found out I was pregnant I dropped all of my anxiety medicine cold turkey, even though the doctor was against it.

I am strong because I started pouring blood at 18 weeks and thought I lost my baby.

I am strong because I was sent to a high risk doctor and told they were unsure what was causing the bleeding but I was put on bed rest.

I am strong because I juggled my 5 year old, my family, and a few small anxiety attacks, but still refused medication.

I am strong because I was told since I kept bleeding and they thought my baby wasn’t getting enough nutrients that her chance of being a preemie was very high.

I am strong because at 39 weeks I was sent to the hospital to be induced because of my extremely high blood pressure.

I am strong because I became very ill during labor.

I am strong because at the age of 22 my blood pressure was through the roof and my heart rate had become so high that it was borderline on going into a heart attack.

I am strong because regardless of them wanting to do an emergency c section, I pushed out a beautiful baby girl named Henley Grace.

I am strong because as much as I wanted to breast feed I knew being on my medication was important for my health.

I am strong because I refused to allow the doctors to tell me it was okay for my child to get some of my medication through my milk.

I am strong because I choose to be the best me for my girls.

Henley Grace is strong because despite what we were told about the bleeding and the nutrients she was 8lb 13oz and 21in long.

We are strong because we have each other.




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