Belly Casting That Baby Bump!

I never did one, but love them. Kristina shared her tublr blog with me and I fell in love with her beautiful family instantly. I came across these photos and share them with permission. Sexy, tattooed dad doing a belly cast on a beautiful pregnant mama’s baby bump…what’s there not to love?!

36 weeks baby bump…

Enter sexy husband…

Let the belly casting begin…


Don’t forget big sister…

Did you do a belly cast?


  • Veronique

    Love her tattoo on the belly! Would be beautiful painted onto the cast! I did a cast with our son at 39 weeks 5 days in sweltering July heat and it was one of the most beautiful and awesome experiences ever. The lady who casted my bump is an artist and doula and a mom and we spent the time chatting about my impending delivery, what I wanted to have happen, how to get myself and baby there…it was empowering and I have the best souvenir hanging in my son’s room! Congrats mamma!

  • Becca

    My goodness what an immensely visually pleasing little family!!! The tattoos and their beautiful faces are just lovely 🙂

  • CM

    I’m so sorry. Please educate me. Why would a woman have a tattoo of a sexy woman spread-eagle in a thong on her arm? I just don’t get it. I go to school with a girl who has a tattoo of a woman (topless, like a dancer) on her thigh and it’s frequently exposed. I don’t really understand that one either. I get art, expression … and I also get that not everybody thinks like me, but I would seriously love some perspective on this. I am also curious about belly tattoos and how they look once you’ve been pregnant and the skin has stretched. Does the tattoo become disfigured from it’s original state? Thanks!

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