Beautiful Cesarean Birth Photos

by Birth Without Fear on September 27, 2011

Kelly from One 3 Photography emailed me and asked if she could share a few birth photos from cesarean births. Absolutely! We have a lot of cesarean section moms in our community, me included. To most of us a c-section is not our ideal birth, but sometimes they are necessary and they do happen. It is still the birth of our precious little ones and should be celebrated as such. ~Mrs. BWF

c-section birth picture

c-section birth photo

“I love babies. As a newborn photographer, I get the most joy out of a perfect sleepy baby whom I can pose and cuddle and make beautiful art with. I mean, is there anything more beautiful than a sleeping baby? I really don’t think so. I had four of those beautiful sleeping babies myself, the youngest of whom was born in January and she’s now a crawling, smiling, chubby, drool monster who giggles when we tickle her and loves those puffy snack things that stick to her drooly arms. Maybe she doesn’t sleep like my photography clients but she sure is fun.

All four of my kids were c-section deliveries and the last three deliveries were pretty amazing. I know what you’re thinking, an amazing c-section? Really? Yes, really. I felt like my c-sections were peaceful and beautiful and I have some awesome photographic evidence of their amazingness. In Jordan’s delivery, in particular, the tone was relaxed and I heard her sweet voice before I knew whether she was a boy or a girl and then everybody yelled out “IT’S A GIRL!!!!” What a beautiful moment. I couldn’t wait to get my hands (and my camera) on this sweet baby, but until I was up and ready to do so, my husband (also a photographer) took some rockin’ shots of her first moments in this world.

In my experience, those planned c-sections were quite wonderful. Yes, the recovery is pretty lame, but going into a new baby fully rested and spending the moments before he or she is born totally relaxed and just enjoying the anticipation and excitement with my husband was such a wonderful contrast to our first difficult delivery and consequent unplanned c-section. I will never forget those moments in the OR, smiling up and my husband while he watched our children’s birth and having him give me the news about their gender, weight, and length. C-sections can be beautiful too, plus they’re really cool to photograph. :)” ~Kelly Kennedy


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