Sojourning Earthside: Breastfeeding and Bonding

Julie Sadler of Sojourners Photography in Roanoake, VA shares these beautiful pictures of her family welcoming their newest member, Jude.

Julie writes, “I love the encouragement and support shared on your FB page/blog for women and all of the choices we make in caring for our bodies as well as our babies. For me, photos that evoke the mystery of the unborn child being real, whole, and at full potential both in utero and once out are beautiful and help us garner respect for the mystery and miracle that each pregnancy and childbirth is. I gleaned so much wisdom & comfort from the BWF community during my last pregnancy with baby # 5. He was born ALL NATURAL on the floor of the shower in the hospital on June 14th, weighing 10 lbs. 5.6 oz.! He made quite an entrance and was rather famous at the hospital…


…Now I am so inspired by all of the breastfeeding pictures – I plan to take more of my own! I am currently tandem nursing lil man (Jude) as well as his big sissie (Faith Ruby), who just turned 4. The breastfeeding relationship is also of keen interest to me, as I have been pregnant &/or nursing for nearly 14 years now. What an adventure!

Here’s my Dad meeting his newest Grandson for the first time, in June. I loved the contrast of his big strong rugged hands against the new soft skin of the babe.

Here is my step-Dad holding Jude and (I got lucky), catching a dreamy smile!

…And last but not least, my hubby – one of the world’s BEST DADS! He is absolutely smitten with this lil guy – our # 5!

We’re out for a walk one week after delivery. I love how small this 10 1/2 lb baby looks in Daddy’s arms.

So, yeah while we have our hands full (as people love to say to us), our hearts couldn’t possibly take much more!”


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