What is a Birth Without Fear?

by Birth Without Fear on October 25, 2010

What exactly does it mean to birth without fear? It took me 4 births to finally experience what it is like to birth with no fears. The way I can start is the easiest way for anyone… share my experiences. I hope that through sharing what my journey has been like that you may find inspiration and maybe learn from my mistakes and my triumphs! It is my hope that from there this blog can take off and be a wonderful place to educate and support women in healing, educating and having empowering experiences in childbirth!

When I say my mistakes, I do not mean that harshly. I learned and grew greatly from the things I realized I should have done differently. Then I took that new knowledge and did the best I could the next time. I think as women though, we need to fill a very big void. As girls we don’t see our mothers or aunts giving birth. We don’t hear how normal and wonderful it can be. Instead, images of purple face pushing, feet in stirrups, pregnant mama screaming in excruciating pain and the father clueless is our exposure of what birth is. What can we do then?

For those of us who have experienced an empowering birth… the kind that you feel in tune with nature and/or God need to share our experiences in a non judgmental way. For those of us who have not, we need to seek that out. Watch great birth videos, read positive birth stories and talk to other women who have had these births. Women need to stop only sharing and wanting to listen to horror stories. There is a time and a place to share our traumatic birth experiences so that we can help each other heal.

Maybe as we share, support and heal…our views of birth can change as a whole. Women will realize they have choices and listen to their inner voices of what they can really experience. We can heal. We can let go of our fears. We can listen to our innate. We can experience the most amazing, unexplainable moments of our lives.

There are things I would do the same and definitely things I would do different. I will share these with you so that those of you who find yourself in the same position as I was, can step back and look at it without fear and then make a decision on what is best for you and your baby.


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