Birth as a Women’s Right Issue

by Birth Without Fear on December 17, 2011

Birth is a human rights issue. Most women do not realize what has been taken from them before it has even been taken. Birth is YOUR right. It is maddening that rights are stripped of women every single day…every hour…every minute. The injustice is heartbreaking. Know your rights. Know how powerful and amazing you are as a birthing woman! Birth is meant to be life changing experience and it is YOURS to own.

Birth is not meant to be (most of the time of course):




Treated as a Disease


Full of Interventions


Birth IS meant to be:


As Safe as Life Gets




An Experience that Pushes you to your Limits



The message in our culture is clear. Birth is painful, birth is dangerous, your body is broken, and interventions are always needed. They are WRONG. Be a voice for yourself and women everywhere. Stand up and exclaim, “NO! BIRTH IS SAFE, SPIRITUAL, and EMPOWERING! YOUR BODY IS NOT BROKEN!” Be informed and have good support to birth safely. We may be a small minority in comparison to all the propaganda, but we are loud and will not apologize for it! Demand women take back what is rightfully theirs…empowering births!

~Mrs. BWF

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Pictures sent in by Michelle. She is an incredible, strong and beautiful birthing mama.

Photography talents by her sister, Sarah Phillips. For more pictures and Michelle’s birth story, visit Sarah’s website here.


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