In the News: Footling Breech Twin Boys…Born ‘A Year Apart’!

by Birth Without Fear on January 3, 2012

I have seen and both heard about this story. I finally read it and realized why. Not only were these twin boys born on different days of different years, but they were born completely natural and BOTH boys were born feet first. Two footling breech babies. Nowadays that is rare as many care providers are not skilled in catching breech babies, especially footling breech.

“Both babies came out feet first, known as breech birth. But Rosputni credited a midwife, Eileen Stewart, with helping her get through the complications without any painkillers or labor-inducing drugs.”

They were born in the hospital, assisted by a midwife, just 33 minutes apart. Each of these minutes counted though as they were born the last few minutes of 2011 and the first few minutes of 2012.

“They have completely different birth dates and years,” Rosputni said. “I don’t know if it’s ever happened. I’ll have to do some research. I’ll have to Google it.

The boys appear to be fraternal, not identical, twins: Ronan has auburn hair like his beaming mom, while Rory has darker hair like his proud dad, Thomas.”

A hospital birth of twin boys both footling breech born without the use of any drugs?! Yes, that’s a noteworthy story for sure! To read the full story, visit Buffalo News.

For another birth story of twins born on separate days, read here.


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