Cesarean Scar Picture with Baby; A C-Section is Not a Mother’s Failure

by Mrs. BWF on March 10, 2012

I wanted to share this on Facebook, but if I get suspended for a placenta picture, then I know I’ll be expelled for this! I saw this on Mama Eve’s blog. It is just simple, raw and beautiful. I will be doing a post with the BWF mother’s scars soon.

Anastasia says, “It dawned on me then that I had been fighting for something that was never meant to be. I could speculate whether it was an avoidable outcome but the truth would remain that for us, this was how my girls were to be born.”

*Picture is originally from here.

A cesarean is not a failure on a mother’s part. A cesarean, no matter what we think of them in the natural birth community, is still birth. It is still a child being born and a woman becoming a mother.

*BWF Mom, Bree.

Have to have a picture to share it on FB w/o getting in trouble!


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