Incredible Photo of Cord Being Unwrapped From Baby’s Neck

by Mrs. BWF on April 17, 2012

Most of the time a cord around baby’s neck will not cause problems. Keeping a close eye on heart tones is important and can help your midwife/doctor know if baby is handling labor/pushing well. Melissa sent in this wonderful picture that not only showed how simple it is to unwrap a cord, but also captured the amazing and raw moment of birthing and meeting your baby for the first time.

“I wanted to share this photo of myself and my fourth child, a boy. This was my second home birth and first water birth. It was such an empowering birth. I have never ever felt so in control, so loved, so supported in any of my births.

My best friend/Doula captured this shot. It says everything I was feeling at that time. All my emotions in one picture. I will never, ever forget that moment and I am so grateful to have it in a photo. I just wanted to share it with someone who values and loves birth as much as I do. I hope you can share in my love and enthusiasm over this incredible photo. Thank you for letting me share it!” ~Melissa

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