Division: What Are We Fighting For?

by Mrs. BWF on May 16, 2012

I recently asked on our BWF page if people thought there was division in the birth community (moms and professionals) or unity. Everyone answered division on some level. One woman, an OB, asked, “What are we fighting for?”

Good question.

This is not referring to women who are fighting to have a voice or for their rights. This is about women fighting with each other. Birthing women, doulas, midwives. What is everyone fighting about? I’ve seen the following…

Which child birth class is best.

What kind of midwife is best.

That the only way to birth is all natural and all women can.

All women need to be in the hospital as it’s the only safe place.

All women should breastfeed and did not try hard enough if they don’t.

All women should formula feed.

Are these really things to fight about? You know, if women could stop nitpicking, they could come together despite these minor differences and really focus (together) on real issues such as…

Women having no voice or say in their births.

Women having recourse if they have been mistreated or the victim of negligent care (by any kind of care provider).

Helping each other find safe, competent care providers.

The important issues will not change while everyone is fighting over Bradley vs. Hypnobirthing or breast over bottle or drug free versus an epidural. Yes, those things are important. Educating on these topics is vital. Fighting over them is not.

Let’s focus on educating, informing, then supporting those choices. Then we can be united and work towards solutions on serious issues surrounding childbirth in our societies.


*Maternity Photography by Ian Christman


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