Babywearing and Breastfeeding

When I had my 2nd child, I would have never been able to tend to his (high) needs and chase my 21 month old around the house, if it wasn’t for babywearing. At the time I used a Maya ring sling. Not only that, but he became a much calmer baby when I wore him on me.

With my 3rd child, I still wanted to push my older two children in my double jogger, so I advanced to a Moby wrap. On my walks, the baby would start fussing and want to nurse. I learned very quickly how to pull up my shirt, position her head just right and let her latch on. Then, I’d continue on my walk. Everyone was happy!

I love wraps and slings. I also love my stroller(s). There’s room for them all.

Has babywearing helped you take care of more than one child? Have you breastfed while wearing your baby? Share your experiences with us!


  • Jennifer B.

    I need a tutorial on how to do this, maybe more pictures of other moms doing it, because after wearing, now my third baby, I still don’t get it. I feel like a new mom all over again. But I would love to figure it out!!

    • Scarlet

      I feel your pain. I have tried quite often to nurse in our Boba and it works it just feels weird and like something’s off. I am also not ballsy enough to do it in public.

    • Melissa L.

      Beautiful! Babywearing has definitely helped me tremendously! if not for my Ergo, I would have never gotten anything around the house done. My fourth is 18 months now and I still wear him. Wjen he gets upset, its the only thing that’ll calm him down.
      And I agree with Jennifer. I tried many times to get breastfeeding in my Ergo and I could never do it! There needs to be a class or something on it!

  • Aimee

    YES! I’ve worn my babies more with each one. My first, I mostly used the stroller. My second, I baby wore in the first few months, then not as much. Then with my third, I wore her A LOT in the first few months, often while I was pushing the older two in the stroller. She’s almost 11 months and I’ve worn her in the Ergo a few times this week already. I’m not good at breastfeeding *while* babywearing, but being worn usually comforted and soothed my baby enough that she didn’t want to nurse until she was out of the wrap/carrier.

  • Jessi Martin

    I would be lost without my ring sling, it is a must for nursing on the go. My sister has decided to bless me with her becco so I am excited to try that out as well. Ring slings are amazing but DS is getting heavy and I have some hiking to do. Hopefully we can nurse as easily in that. 🙂

  • Jennifer W.

    I agree! I only have a didymos woven wrap but also couldn’t figure out how on earth to nurse in it. My boobs seemed way too big and unruly, something like a 46F?

  • Lisa

    I have had various types of carriers over the years, but NONE of them were as priceless as my Ergo. With my 3rd, I used to nurse him ALL THE TIME while cooking, shopping, watching my older children at the soccer field, etc. NOBODY could tell!! 🙂 My 4th was a bit more difficult to nurse in the carrier as a new baby, but he was a preemie and had latch issues. It was easier as he got older. I would just lower the “seat” of the Ergo and let him do his thing. Even now at almost 22 months, when he is feeling particularly under the weather and I just can’t console him no matter how much I pace and rock, all I have to do is put him in my Ergo and he will not just settle down but go to sleep in no time!

    I just want to point out for the moms who do use the ring slings, please be careful. Maybe things have changed, but just in case they haven’t, I have known a number of moms who have felt insecure with the ring itself. It may just have been them…I don’t know. Just throwing it out there “just in case”.

  • Kellan

    I just got a SnuggyBub – I’ve only had a couple of times of practice (once in home, another I let her uncle wear her). Not quite proficient enough at it yet to nurse, even in the house, but I hope to get there. And if ANYBODY has more ways to use the wrap, with instructions, I’m ALL EARS/EYES!!! I’d really love to be able to nurse my 11 1/2mo daughter in it. 🙂

  • Kerry

    I wear my 4 month old every day. The ring sling is my favorite right now (was the moby with my first). I have a 3 year old, but there are a total of 5 kids under 8 in the house, so I always needs my hands free! I nurse everywhere in my sling! Here is how she nurses in a ring sling for those wondering

  • Kate

    thank you for sharing that you bf’d in a wrap. Lately I’ve been feeling down because I’m the ‘crazy breastfeeding lady’ now for breastfeeding my baby while walking my other child down the street (or on my front porch).I thought it was genius, now I’m being made fun of by teenage girls (They couldn’t see a damn thing other than me messing around with my wrap and my shirt because I turned my back just in case anyone could see) and my neighbors are gawking. thank you for reassuring me that I’m not that weird. baby wearing has saved me with my 2nd child. people have been baby wearing and breastfeeding since forever, we have gotten so out of touch with that

  • shelly

    I learned babywearing at a La Leche League Meeting group. I brought the baby and the ring sling I was given and cried, HELP! And they helped sooooo much. Now there are meetups for babywearing (, Babywearing International Groups, La Leche League, Breastfeeding USA, Skype and YOU TUBE! Help is out there.

  • Jenny Vater

    I have four children (9, 7, 3.5 & 6 m). I wore my first baby a handful of times, I should have worn him all the time he may have been an easier baby. My 2nd baby was worn often, my 3rd baby was worn a lot in a sling and an Ergo. I bought the Ergo for baby #3 and kicked myself for not knowing about Ergos. My 4th baby has been worn every day since the day she was born 6 months ago. I was introduced to the woven wrapping world and I use a woven wrap the majority of the time. Occasionally I use my Ergo. I have learned many carries from a friend who is a pro and from youtube videos.

    I have been unable to nurse in a wrap but can do it with a front carrying in the Ergo.

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