Best Daddy Ever…of Triplets!

by Mrs. BWF on June 22, 2012

This is the best daddy ever. We carried our triplets to 37 weeks 4 days. After 10 hours of labor, 7 cm and a prolapsed cord, I ended up under general anesthesia having an emergency c-section.

He couldn’t be with me in the operating room, but he was there for our babies every moment. The kind nurse even let him touch Isabella to stimulate her to breathe (lower left) when she hadn’t taken a breath yet, 6 minutes after her birth. He was holding her hand when she took her first breath.

He spoke to our children and told them how loved they were from the moment he saw them. He took pictures to show me while I was in recovery and they were in the NICU. We all went home together 7 days later. They are 18 months old now and Isabella, Wyatt and Sophia adore their daddy. -Ashley


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