Fun Breastfeeding Picture

Fun Breastfeeding Picture

This was shared in our Birth Without Fear Support group tonight. It made me smile after a long day. I’d share it on FB, but it would be removed, so I will share it with you here (with mama’s permission). This is Linda’s son at 12 months and it just screams ADORABLE!

Have your little ones put themselves into any interesting positions to nurse?


22 thoughts on “Fun Breastfeeding Picture

  1. Love this!! My little guy is so insanely busy while nursing too, and naked most of the time as well! <3 Thanks for sharing!

  2. My daughter prefers to nurse on all fours while I lay on the bed. It’s hard to describe how awkward it is to nurse her to sleep like that! Her eyes roll back and they often shut, then she collapses and wakes herself up again. I’m exhausted by the time she actually goes to sleep!

  3. My 16 month old daughter likes to stand up while latched so she’s butt out in front of me…Breastfeeding has become pretty amusing, sometimes frustrating, lately!

  4. Of course she does LOL….every night she fill flop from one side to the other, backwards, upside down and any way possible she can grab a boobie she will!

  5. My LO likes to roll over to the other side… Trying to take my breast with him. OUCH! He feeds in any position he can get access to boob but always tilts his head to the side to feed so it’s in the position it would be if he was lying down.

  6. thats really cute! One of my favourite nursing positions is to lie my daughter next to me and let her nurse, while I snooze…i wake two hours later to a very happy baby, and it I always makes me wonder if she had been eating the whole time I was asleep or in intervals….I also tend to multi-task and have her eating on the go, everywhere I go…

  7. My 17 month old has gotten in the habit of laying on the back of the couch with her head coming down over my shoulder. Pretty much nursing upside down! Lol!

  8. My son does just that! He normally tries to do head stands too on the back of the couch while going over my shoulder to get to my boob. He is a nut. Laying down is not his style anymore.

  9. Nakey Butt nursing is always welcome as long as they don’t grope themselves! That is one of my polite nursing rules. You can be naked, but hands off the butt.

  10. My daughter likes to sit up, or stand and move around while nursing and sometimes swap sides repeatedly during this…she’s just way too busy to just sit/lay still and eat! I sometimes wish I could get a video of it as it can be so amusing, but that may just be too much boobage for some people!

  11. LOL! My son will lay his bottom half on the end table by the recliner and drape the top half over the arm of the chair to nurse when I sit there. He also wants to nurse standing up when I sit on the couch or in my computer chair but I usually don’t let him because that’s a little too stretchy for my liking!

  12. I used t wake up to my little one helping herself. Flat on my back, she was still able to get a grip and once she got let down it was easy I suspect. I have always had so much milk I could nurse how ever and whenever tub , church , store, my funniest was on counter while cooking.

  13. My daughter has discovered a perpendicular position. She’ll lay parallel to me until she has gotten a good start – then, out goes her butt & legs. She squiggles until you can draw a T by tracing our body positions. It’s a bit annoying, because she pops off countless times while doing this & even bites down on accident – but it’s quite funny once she’s in position & being still. 🙂

    She’ll also sit on my knee while I’m sitting, lean forward, and almost lay flat on her belly to nurse. She scoots her butt out – too adorable!

  14. Every morning when DD wakes up she twists herself into every position imaginable! At first I use to try to twist myself to accomidate her but now I just lie there and let her do her thing! Lol

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