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by Mrs. BWF on August 6, 2012

Nataly, a long time BWF fan, knows that I love tattoos. Even though I don’t have any, I admire people who are confident enough to express themselves in such a drastic, artistic way. To not care what others think and do what they feel is right…well, I’m always a fan of that!

I also appreciate breaking stereotypes and that is what got me into posting so many tattoo pictures and posts. To show BWF moms and dads that are wonderful and loving parents, no matter what their style is! To me, this couple is absolutely beautiful.

I asked Nataly why? Why would her husband tattoo his whole body, including his face? I was so curious! She said that he just totally loves the art. He has a career (they own a motorcycle shop) that allows him to do everything he wants!

Mikee with his newborn baby girl, Sailor-Rose, completely in love.

With both mom and dad’s sleeved arms. Mom’s finger says “young love”.

Nataly says that anyone who has taken a chance to know Mikee, loves him for the sweet gentle teddy bear he is!

This little girl LOVES her tattooed daddy!

People are often fascinated by my husband.. so much that he’s asked to take pictures with people EVERYWHERE we go.”

I’ll admit it…I keep wanting to look again and again. Interesting, amazing, different, strong, mom, dad, family…are all words that come to mind. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us!


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