• Mary

    I had a post term pregnancy, my baby was induced at 43 weeks, she was stillborn. I refused induction at 42 weeks thinking my body knew what to do. I trusted my body witht he ability to give birth. I did a lot of reading and educated myself and believed all could be well. I decided against a non stress test for fear to being convinced to have an induction right away. I thought my baby needed more time. I didn’t go into labor, my baby passed and we found out the worst way, having a doppler in my belly and hearing no sound at all. I’m sad my intuition wasn’t stronger, that my tuning with my body wasn’t loud enough to know there was something wrong. I wish I had listened to one of the million people that said get a test done, an ulrtasound, something… I just had learned of so many post dates babies I really thought mine was one too. I’m too scared to have another homebirth. I fear if I get pregnant I will end up being induced. I know it is a mystery but why would a body not go into labor? I met a girl recently with 3 childre, all 3 planned homebirths, not once did her body go into labor, what could be wrong with people like us?

    I wish I would have been more worried, found out about this post a month ago and decided to go with closer monitoring. I feel so stupid. I did my research, I wish I could have found this information sooner.

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