3 Sisters Pregnant Together, Not Once, But Twice!

“My sisters and I all became pregnant in 2008.  I was due in July and they were both due in September (they had there babies 2 days apart), then we all got pregnant again in 2009.  My younger sister and I were due a week apart (our second babies are 6 days apart), and when we were 8 months pregnant my older sister found out she was 6 weeks.  I also put a picture of all three of us holding our babies born in 2009.  That was at my wedding shower.  My baby was 3 months and theirs were 1 month. ” ~Becky

Have you been pregnant with family members? Experiences?


  • Rachael Ray

    I was pregnant with my older sister twice.
    Our first babies(6 yrs old now) are 3 months apart and our second babies(4 years old now) are 4 months apart.

    She now has two more and I have one but never pregnant together again. Its great that the cousins will be so close though 🙂

  • Jesse Franks

    My 2 sister in laws and I were all got pregnant in 2009, had our babies June, July, and September of 2010, and now we’re all expecting again. I’m due in april, and they are due in July.

  • tonia

    Yes!! My younger sister just gave birth in November (her first), I’m due in march (my second), and our older sister is due in July (her third.) The same older was about 8 weeks pregnant when I gave birth to my first. 🙂

  • Brenna

    I got pregnant April 2009, and my sister got pregnant in June. Being pregnant together was a blast because we were living together at the time. I was single, she was married and I also had a two year old girl. We told her husband often that if he survived both of us we would give him man of the year award. He pulled through, but not before enlisting in the army. He jokes frequently that boot camp was a breeze!

  • Amber

    I was pregnant with my older sister in 2010/2011. I was pregnant with my first and she was pregnant with her 3rd. She had her daughter in February and my daughter was born in June.

    It was a neat experience because we would pig out together and we went through a lot of the same symptoms.
    She had a little Doppler thing so we could take turns listening to our babies heart beats 🙂

  • Cynthia

    In 2006, me and two of my SIL all had babies – March, June, December. Then in 2008, me and another SIL both had November babies exactly one week apart…almost to the minute. It is awesome for my kids to have cousins close in age. In fact all three currently do – my January 2011 baby got cousins in July and September…from the same group of SIL’s. And I am due with #4 come May so really the last two born will be right in the middle of mine – we love babies around here 🙂 and I can’t wait to wait watch them all grow up together.

  • Krista P.

    Lets see I was due October 2010, SIL was due November 2010 and sister was due November 2010, and other SIL was due February 2011 then two more SIL were due in December 2011, had their babies a day apart actually, and then the last SIL is due in April 2012…Haha…

  • emma

    The day my SIL asked me to come over to tell us she was expecting i was sick n i complained i had put on so much weight my boobs were now DD. She laughed n said haha r u pregnant i said definatly not! (thought i was menstrating as bleeding heavy for over a wk). A few days later i did a test as a joke n it was positive took about 2 weeks to find out for sure that it was a viable pregnancy (the bleeding was a miscarriage of a twin) ne was she was due about 10 days before me but i had my daughter a lil early n she was a lil late so i had my daughter 3 days before she had her daughter. They are great friends n it was good being pregnant together havibg someone close to talk to/ shop with

  • Ruth

    As my sister in law Jesse explained above, my sister, my sister in law and I were all pregnant at the same time in 2010, our babies were all born 5 weeks apart in June, July and September. My parents went from one grandchild to 4 in a matter of 4 months. The experience was really fun and even took it so far as to get professional pics together as this “would never happen again”.
    Jesse, my sister in law, is now due with her second in April and my sister (her second) and I (my third) are 2 weeks apart due in July and August. My parents are thrilled but going from one grandchild to 7 in a matter of 2 years is even a bit overwhelming for them.
    My favorite question is, “Did you do that on purpose?” We always, laughingly, explain that you cannot plan this type of thing and I personally believe that only God has control over this. My sister in law and I thankfully don’t have to try very hard to become pregnant, but my sister had been trying for 7 months only to find out she was pregnant and due 2 weeks after me this time. Nothing in the world like being pregnant with your sisters. 🙂

  • Angela

    My oldest sister (18 years older than me) was pregnant with her 9th child when I was expecting my second. It was so much fun to share our pregnancy journey together. She was “due” the end of August and I was “due” Sept 9th. We ended up delivering our babies 1 day apart on Sept 23 and Sept 24th. It was so wonderful to have someone those last few LONG weeks to talk to who knew exactly how I felt. Those babies are now 3 and I love to watch them play together. It has also bonded our families. When I found out I was pregnant again I really hoped she was going to announce she was too, but not so. I think they are finished having babies BUT that sister’s oldest daughter (my neice) and I delivered our babies (her first, my third) only 14 days apart.

  • Amy J.

    With my 1st, one of my sister-in-laws was pregnant with her 6th and another sister-in-law with her 5th. They were October, November, and December babies, but all no more than 4 1/2 weeks apart. With #2, my sisterinlaw was pregnant with her 7th, and they were born 1 month apart. It was great. With #3, my sisterinlaw was expecting her eighth baby, but they are 4 months apart.
    On another note, with my side of the family, my sister and sisterinlaws take turns which is funny. Its me, my sister, my sister in law, the other sister in law, and back through again some overlapping for a month or so. However there,is a stall for now after going through the pattern twice. We shall see soon enough if it keeps up. 😉

  • Courtney

    My sister and I were pregnant at the same time in 2010, due one month apart. And then now, my other sister and I are due 1 month apart this year! 🙂

  • angela rupert

    I was preggo with my first with my fathers sister(my aunt) and then my second was with my mothers sister (again my aunt). The strange thing was getting questions about pregnancy from both aunts when I have gotten so much advice and information on life from them. I found it profound and amazing and we have something to share always.

  • Dani

    I was pregnant with 2 sister-laws at the same time in 2008. All our babies are within 6 weeks of each other. Me and one of the same sis-in-laws got pregnant again in 2011 and due within a week of each other, but my little girl hung in an extra 2 weeks so they are 3 weeks apart. I am married to the Air Force though, so the cousins aren’t close : (

  • Madeleine

    This is gorgeous! I was pregnant with my sister in law (my first, her fifth) I She fell pregnant in April of 2011 and I was due in June 2011. Turns out our bubbas are only 5.5 months apart because her daughter arrived 2 months early. We can’t wait til her bubby is older so she can play with my son 🙂

  • Aimee

    My SIL and I are pregnant together for the 3rd time! Our first kids are 10 weeks apart. Our 2nd are about 10 days. Our third are due early March and late April. I think my inlaws were sure they were not going to have any grandkids and now they will have 6 in 4 years.

  • Sandra Alderman

    my first 3 grandsons were born 8 months apart so as 1 was getting ready to deliver, the next one announced they were expecting. They were born December 2007, August 2008 and April 2009. With my next 3 grandsons, there is 10 weeks between the oldest and youngest with 2 being born February 2010 and the last one being born April 2010, just 12 months after his older brother. Although this makes life busy esp with having the younger 3 so close, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now, my 2nd DIL is expecting her 3rd child and has shared part of her pregnancy with her brother’s wife and they live just 5 minutes away from each other. Whilst going from 3 – 6 grandchildren in 10 weeks makes things a bit full on, it is still nice to know that as they get older, I am hoping that not only will they be good together as cousins, but best of mates along the road too.

  • Shanna

    I was pregnant with my sister-in-law with my first (her second) They were both early, hers was born at 35w3d and a month later I gave birth at 36w6d, both boys exactly a month apart though you can’t tell looking at them, her little guy is still in 0-3 month clothes at 5 1/2 months old and my little guy is in 6-9 month clothes at 4 1/2 months! My guy is just tall though but they play together beautifully! I just can’t wait till they are sitting up so we can put them in the tub together!!!

  • BethanyH

    My cousin and I were due 1.5 months apart this summer! I had my second in July and she had her first in August! It was fun comparing notes. 🙂

  • sara

    Hi. My SIL got pregnant a month after she got married. While I was giving her a lecture about how dumb she was for having a baby so fast I was growing a baby in my belly ( I didn’t know at the time) . Both kids were unplanned but a great gift from God. She had an easy pregnancy n I had a horrible one. I was sick for 9 months with many issues. Our babies were supposed to be 6 weeks apart. BUT my baby came early.n was born n Aug ( supposed to be in Sept) and well she was a week late n was induced 4 days after my son was born. Our children are 100% different. My son is small n petite had collic for 7 Months n slow in development. Her son is a big tank and is VERY smart.

  • Kari

    I am the third of eight girls, that being said as of two weeks ago four of us were pregnant at the same time. My little sister had her first baby a daughter the 17th of this month, my other little sister had her first a son the 24th, I am pregnant with no. 3 a girl, with an EDD of March 25th, and my other little sister’s little girl has an EDD of May 25th.

  • Robin

    My brother got his girlfriend pregnant 4 months after I found out I was pregnant with my first child, and they found out they were expecting again during my last month of pregnancy with my youngest. They are estimated to be due mid-Feb! My son is 29mo and my nephew is 25mo. My daughter is 9mo, and we are all very anxious to meet my niece. It’s kind of funny that both of us had boys first and girls for our 2nd.

  • Jessi

    This is my biggest fear.
    I have a sister in law who wants a baby SO BAD, and is planning on starting her family in a year. Which is when my husband and I are planning to start trying for our second baby.
    I would absolutely hate to steal her thunder by becoming pregnant while she is, or even worse, have my second child before she ever gets a chance to have one.

  • Ruthie

    I am not pregnant nor do I have children, but I want to be pregnant the same time that my cousins and sister is.

    However my mom and her sister were pregnant together twice!

    The first was with me (I’m the second child) and my cousin (he is the 4th)! I was born in mid-July and he was born in mid-November.

    2 years later they were pregnant together. My brother was born mid-late August and my cousin she was was born mid-December.

  • Mama Campbell

    Yes!! My aunt, my cousins wife & I were all preggo together 3x (2006–we all had girls less then 6 months between them all. Late 2008/early 2009 we all had girls less then 7 months apart & 2010 we all had “surprise” pregnancies with our boys 5 months apart. What’s funny is that my cousin & his wife were only planning on 2 & when I announced at Christmas 2009 that I was 10 weeks preggo, my aunt shared that she was about 6 weeks along & my cousins wife said that she wasn’t joining us this time. Little did she know!! It’s so great that my kids have cousins to play with in the same age range (and even gender!). 🙂

  • Heidi

    When I was pregnant with my first my oldest sister Helena was pregnant with her third. My daughter was born 11 days before her son; her birthday was October 22, 2008, and his was November 2, 2008. When I was pregnant with my second, another one of my sisters, Pia, was pregnant with her first. Our due dates were only two or three days apart. She had her daughter by c-section on April 28th, 2010 because of health issues, about 2 weeks before her due date. The next day I went to go see my sister and her baby in the hospital while I was already in labour. I ended up staying at the hospital and delivered my son naturally on the 29th, about a week and a half before my due date. My sister and I and our babies ended sharing a hospital room for a couple of days before we went home! That was pretty neat. Now my younger sister Sarah just had her first baby on February 3, and my sister Pia is due with her second at the end of April!

  • lm

    my mom, 3 of her sisters, 1 of her sister in laws and 2 of her cousins were all pregnant at the same time. One of my cousins was born in 85 and months later, leading into the following year there were 6 of us born. 26 years later and us cousins are as still as close as ever. Its been so awesome to grow up with them <3

  • Jodie

    My older sister and I were pregnant together.

    I found out I was pregnant in September 2001, was due and gave birth on 17 June 2002. My sister conceived around April 2002, and gave birth two weeks early to twins on 24 December 2002.

  • Kari

    My younger sister and I were pregnant at the same time in 2008 our sons were born six weeks apart in May and June of 2009… a lot of people thought they were twins in the beginning (idk why because my son is/and was twice the size of her) and now my son is 43 inches 42 lbs and her son is 30 some inches and 27ish lbs…

  • Teresa

    My sister & I got pregnant 3 weeks apart in 2008… Both with boys! Her son was born on December 17th & mine was born on January 9th, 2009!

  • Elissa

    Just over a year ago I found out that two of my sister in laws, who both live in our area, were expecting along with me–we were all three due in a month and half’s time! But at 6 weeks we lost our baby to a ruptured ectopic so the joy was turned to sorrow for me and now whenever I see their babies it’s just a reminder that mine should be about that size too. Now I’m expecting again and due about two months after one of said sister in laws is due again…

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