Birth Story Written by Dad

Lisa emailed me this, “I found you on facebook, and now I follow your Blog! Love it! It was very inspirational to me before my baby’s birth and still is now. My baby is 15 days old today, and I wanted to share our birth story with you. My husband wrote it. “

From their birth story written by dad…

“Lisa must have gone to a different place, as I don’t know that she made a sound.  I know that she was pushing, I could see her.  I could also see that there was no baby’s head, like I saw in the books.  Mary Ann said, “this is it, you have to do it now!”  I saw Lisa take a breath and bear down.  At 4:38 am Wren came out like a cannon ball; one moment there was no sign and the next she was out, 27 hrs after giving the signal.  Mary Ann had sticky fingers, cause she caught her and handed her to Lisa, saying ‘take your baby, hold your baby’.”

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