Quick Unassisted Home Birth

The day before Lucia arrived was such a wonderful and memorable day; I will begin her birth story there.

Elsie and I went to a birthday party at the movie theatre that morning, which was much needed. I had been feeling like her and I needed to spend some time together, just the two of us. After the show we went home and decided it was a good day to drive out to Crazy Creek Hot Pools to enjoy one another before our family turned from four to five. We invited our friend, Jenica to come along too. We relaxed in the warm water, watching Elsie and James splash around and play. I was aware of the tightening’s I was having in the water. They had slowed down a bit since they had started a couple days prior, but I knew the time was coming soon. I stretched my body out in the water and told my baby that she could come anytime; I was ready. On our way back home we stopped for ice cream and wandered around looking at the animals there. It was a chilly fall day, but the sun was shining and I felt so good, relaxed, and calm.

That evening while I was putting the kids to bed, I noticed my tightening’s becoming stronger and a bit closer together. I kept it to myself, finished stories, and tucked them in. I then went downstairs to inform Steve that things had started again. I had been having contractions for days and had texted my midwives a few times, requesting that they be on standby. I decided to wait a bit to see what happened before putting them on alert yet again. Steve wanted to eat, but I wasn’t hungry. I kept needing to go to the bathroom, which I realized was a sign that this could be the real deal. I stood folding laundry and started timing contractions, they were anywhere from 2-5 minutes apart and remained that way for a while. I decided to send a text to my midwives to advise them that this could be the night.

Steve and I were prepared. James had come fast, before the midwife and doula arrived and Steve ended up catching him. Which was wonderful, I wouldn’t change a thing about James’ birth, but I truly did want to have my midwife and student midwife there, the extra support for the “just in case”. So this time, I was really trying hard to have everything ready. Pool assembled, hoses nearby, home birth supplies organized and home rearranged to suit the midwives. I was hoping to have the birth photographed by my dear friend Lila, so I had texted her, too. The ducks were in a row; we were just playing it out and doing our best to anticipate her arrival.

I decided to lie down on the couch to see what would happen. I thought if they got stronger lying down, then things were really happening and I could call everyone to come. But instead, they faded away. Grrr! How frustrating!

So, I texted everyone to say that we were going to bed. Might as well get some rest. As I lay in bed, the contractions were still there, but totally manageable and they were that way for a while. Then, I experienced a significant one and they started to pick up again. I went downstairs to have a bath. My thought was a bath might help ease the intensity and they might fade away again. As I was waiting for the tub to fill, I noticed I was losing my mucus plug. There was blood… Ok then, this is actually happening!

I went upstairs, got Steve out of bed, asked him to start filling our birthing pool, texted the midwives to come (they were an hour away). Told my photographer to come too, she was only 20 minutes away. The tightening’s were becoming very intense! I kept running to the living room to check the birth pool, then running back to the tub in the bathroom and standing in it when I had a contraction. My water hadn’t broken yet, so I was trying to anticipate that as well. I was getting overwhelmed, the birth pool wasn’t filling fast enough, Steve was busy running around trying to prepare the pool and the intensity was ramping up. I finally made the decision to get on my knees in the bathroom tub and call my midwives, but before I could, I had a contraction that made me want to cry. I called to Steve and he asked me what I needed and I told him to just be with me. He rubbed my back and helped me get through it. After it passed, I made the phone call and said to them “I’m getting worried, they’re getting really intense! Here comes another, I’m going to put the phone down.” I called (more like screamed) for Steve to come back and I started pushing, my water broke, her head crowned and I told Steve to go get warm towels. While he was gone and the midwives were still listening on the phone, I reached down between my legs, put my hand on her head and followed her out. I let her body come out under the water, slid my hands underneath her armpits and lifted her onto my stomach. It happened so fast, but so slow at the same time. Every move was thought out, very clear, but completely instinctual. Steve came back with towels and there she was, perfect, breathing and calm. Steve put his hands on me and said “you did it”. Yes, yes I did.

I moved my hand under her bottom and discovered she was a girl. I told Steve and took in the moment, how incredible. We had another daughter! How excited Elsie would be! I decided I wanted to get out of the tub to get warm. I asked Steve to call my mom next door because we were going to need help. I then directed them on how to help me out of the tub, squat over a pot to deliver my placenta, walk me to the other room where the sofa bed was all ready and to lay us down. Our daughter latched on immediately and we settled in, waiting for everyone to arrive. Lila was the first one to show and the midwives followed shortly after. Everyone got organized and it felt like we were all just visiting, sharing laughs and tea, with a few newborn and maternal procedures in between. I had a shower and then we just lounged on the couch, blissed out, enjoying our Lucia.
When James woke in the morning, he climbed into our bed to be introduced to his little sister. He was all smiles. Elsie, too, was immediately taken and over the moon to have a little sister. We all just love her to death and our family is now truly complete.



{Credit to Lila Karmali Photography- http://karmaliphotography.com/}


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