Labor Pictures of a Beautiful Mom with Body Art

Labor Pictures of a Beautiful Mom with Body Art

“These are from the time I spent laboring at home before transferring to hospital. My son was born via C section at 5:25pm dwc 4th, 9lbs 15oz. The women with me are my best friend and Massage Therapist Tara and my Midwife Buffy. My hubby and daughter were both great as well it was amazing to go into labor on my own and feel my body working so hard. My VBAC was so close I could taste it. I’ll be planning a VBA2C for our next!” ~Gail

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  1. I labored at home for 13ish hours. We were doing really well, I was in and out of the tub and my water broke around 10 hours in, he was presenting asynclitic (head tilted to one side) and posterior. In his mother’s fashion he was being stubborn and just would not rotate and descend, even with my cervix “hanging loose like sock of wizard” as my Midwife put it. She finally said she be more comfortable with a change of location. So with contractions one on top of the other and fighting the early urged to push, off we went to the hospital. We arrived while I was definitely in transition and couldn’t fight the pushing my body was starting to do on it’s own (the same thing happened when I had his big sister) My cervix was starting to swell and his heart starting decelerations (this was quickly turning into my first birth all over again) I opted to go ahead with a surgical birth with a spinal rather than continue to labor with an epidural for hours and still be sectioned in the end. I kinda wish I’d stuck it out but I’ve been told it just wasn’t going to happen for me no matter how bad I wanted it 🙁 We’ll see about that next time!!! I WILL VBAC!!!!

    1. Doesn’t matter how he came out he came out big n happy n healthy, my nephew is a stubborn boy but I love him anyways 😀 you did good sister mine, xoxo ps no telling brotha bob!!

  2. The.second from last picture is adorable. Those bigs eyes as if saying, “Woah! Thats where the milk is, right!? I have been waiting nine months for that!”

  3. Wow! What wonderful pictures and those tats!! I’ve never really cared for them but after seeing how beautiful they looked on you, I’ve changed my mind. Happy all turned out well for you.

  4. Beautiful photos!!! Beautiful birth!! I had a VBA3C and I had to fight like no body’s business for it! My story was shared here a few weeks ago…sounds much like my 2nd birth…malpositioned baby, 9 cm, cervical swelling and me at the end of my rope. Congratulations on your precious baby!

  5. very stunning photos hun, im due in 6wks and makes me feel alot more comfortable seeing these it sure does help alot, photos can say a thousand words to me and yours have said more than that, i can feel like i can have a birth without fear with my 3rd im just nervous, im also thankful to u for sharing these knowing you were comfortable in doing so 🙂 wow is what im goin to say im speechless

  6. Stunning photos, they illustrate perfectly the power of a woman in labour!
    Massive congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby!
    Much love

  7. thank you so much for sharing your story. it is rare to hear of a vbac attempt with a csection birth. I truly honor your journey with this birth, I too went for a vbac, actually 2 times and ended with csections. It is amazing to go into the birth with holding the vision and laboring naturally, yet difficult to accept the birth not going naturally. for me the midwives and, I call her the nearly natural, OB, say it was true mismatch of babies head to my pelvic size. each vbac I pushed for 6 then 4 hrs… Either way when I made the choice to transfer I was sure it would be the only way. Looking back is when it feels so isolating and hard to accept. Anyway it is really good to hear a story where the vbac efforts transfer.

  8. While I’m not bothered by tattoos, I’m also not especially interested in them but the tattoo on this mama’s right shoulder is BEAUTIFUL!

    1. Thank you. It’s actually a work in progress I just need to be not pregnant or nursing long enough to finish the full piece.

  9. Yeah, I think it is harder when they’re in a weird position and the water breaks–I think usually they won’t move to a much better position once the water is broken. The pics are beautiful! So proud of you. God bless.

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