Formula Companies Push Breastfeeding Mothers to Fail

by Mrs. BWF on July 2, 2012

“This was from a bag that was given to me at the hospital after giving birth. At first glance I actually thought it was an alternative to the usual formula bag they give. Hah. Nope. It was a cute bag filled with a can of formula, coupons, a little freezer bag for breast milk storage (cool!). I feel like it should say, “Congrats new breastfeeding mom, here’s a can of formula just in case you fail!”  By the way, baby is 5 days old and we kick ass when it comes to breastfeeding!” ~Trisha

Where to even begin? This isn’t to knock formula feeding moms (that’s my disclaimer as I have formula fed one of my children). This is the fact that mamas who want to breastfeed from the beginning are pushed to give up and fail. There is nothing that supports breastfeeding in the bag. Freezer bags? Come on. How about nipple shields or cream or coupons for things related to nursing? Some other great ideas are making sure there are great lactation consultants available or resources for breastfeeding support.

It’s quite disgusting actually. How is giving a formula bag celebrating birth and breastfeeding? To those that wonder why women push to have breastfeeding seen as normal…this is what they are up against. This is why it is so important to nurse our babies and let others see us doing so!

Have your formula bags, but don’t label them for breastfeeding moms. It’s a slap in the face.



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