Beautiful Birth Story Told by 34 Gorgeous Pictures

by Mrs. BWF on July 26, 2012

Andie W. has been kind enough to share her sacred birth pictures with the BWF Community. Christie Lacy Photography did a wonderful job capturing the hard work, determination, faith and beauty of BIRTH…

water pool during labor

baby crowning at home birth

midwife assisted home water birth

This may be my favorite…

mom dad and siblings with newborn baby at home

newborn baby being weighed after home birth

mom and baby in herbal bath after homebirth

nursing newborn right after birth

The shadow in the background is her belly cast…

“This is a picture of my newborn, Canyon, in his belly cast. I love how he is spilling over, but still somehow fits perfectly. Hard to believe we were one just a few months ago.” ~Andie

baby in a belly cast


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