Beautiful Birth Story Told by 34 Gorgeous Pictures

Beautiful Birth Story Told by 34 Gorgeous Pictures

Andie W. has been kind enough to share her sacred birth pictures with the BWF Community. Christie Lacy Photography did a wonderful job capturing the hard work, determination, faith and beauty of BIRTH…

water pool during labor

baby crowning at home birth

midwife assisted home water birth

This may be my favorite…

mom dad and siblings with newborn baby at home

newborn baby being weighed after home birth

mom and baby in herbal bath after homebirth

nursing newborn right after birth

The shadow in the background is her belly cast…

“This is a picture of my newborn, Canyon, in his belly cast. I love how he is spilling over, but still somehow fits perfectly. Hard to believe we were one just a few months ago.” ~Andie

baby in a belly cast

17 thoughts on “Beautiful Birth Story Told by 34 Gorgeous Pictures

  1. These pictures are amazing. I could almost feel the contractions myself and hear the exclamation of joy when he came out, and the excited chatter of the children as they meet their brother for the first time. These pictures truly do tell the story!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. I cry every single time someone shares their birth experience with me – especially when it is an amazingly determined and beautiful home birth like this one.

    Please keep sharing birth stories so more women will see that their bodies CAN give birth – without fear.

  3. Beautiful! I loved dad wiping his eyes right after the baby was born. I LOVE that scale sling!!!!! I loved the family all giving mom their support while she was laboring! Looks like she just got to get in the water in the nick of time… I loved having my children all around supporting me as I birthed their baby brother in the water. These pic’s make me think back to my last birth. Thank you for sharing!!! Just beautiful!!!!!

  4. Can someone please email me where the midwife got her baby sling scale? I’m looking for a unique gift for our midwife and I love the one used in these birth pictures! Congrats to this family on a beautiful birth 🙂

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