Cesarean Birth Matters

by Mrs. BWF on September 14, 2012

You know, I have see this picture of an apple shredded up and the statement about how only a healthy baby matters. It’s making the point that it’s not OK when people say that your birth and your body don’t matter. I AGREE with that statement. Birth DOES matter. HOWEVER, I completely disagree with the picture (related to cesarean birth only). I have seen it passed around to try and make cesarean moms feel bad that they did not have natural birth.

Having had 2 cesareans and 3 VBA2Cs (two of them at home, unassisted), I do not find a picture regarding a cesarean mom ripped to shreds, appropriate. I understand the point trying to be made, but this approach can be seen as offensive to many cesarean mamas.

I DO think birth matters, but with that, cesarean birth matters too and they are not all horrible experiences.

That would be the same as someone making a picture like this regarding women who have vaginal births and what it does to their vaginas.

All types of birth *can* be informed and empowering experiences. Birth Matters, Healthy Baby Matters, YOU Matter…regardless of how you birth.

Now, here are some REAL examples of cesarean scars from BWF mothers.

Here are some lovely BWF moms (and dads) with their babies after their cesareans.

So please, be supportive and thoughtful to our cesarean mamas and babies, too.

All photos belong to the parents. Do not copy or use. Last picture captured by Mae Burke Photography.


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