Don’t Argue About Our Differences…Celebrate Them!

by January Harshe on December 5, 2012

We don’t judge how you birth. We care that you are respected and supported. We don’t get worked up over how you parent the small things. Each family is unique and we love that. Who cares if you have an elf in your house reporting back to Santa (ours is named Didi and we love her). Or for that matter if you don’t ‘do’ Santa. It’s nothing to argue about!

What we do care about is that you have the information and support you need and that you love your babies. We encourage you to cherish each beautiful day you are blessed with and we want to inspire you during the hard days…we all have them. We love each one of you. Instead of arguing over our differences, we celebrate them! Because that is what life is…small moments coming together and becoming memories.


*Picture: “This was sebastians first “portrait” after our awesome VBAC.” ~Bekah

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