This is Breastfeeding {Take 2}

This is Breastfeeding {Take 2}

I fell in love with these photos when they were sent to me earlier this year from photographer Laura Eckert. Why haven’t I shared them, you ask? Simple, Facebook will ban me yet again. I came across them again last night and decided to put them in a blog post. They are too beautiful not to be shared. Every mother that has nursed a child can relate to these photos. The newness, awkwardness, sometimes pains along with the joys and bonding.

nursing photos breastfeeding

Baby girl, less than an hour young, snuggled up with Mom and nursing like a pro!  She was in quite the hurry to get into this world, arriving less than 1/2 an hour after Mom and Dad’s arrival at the hospital.

breastfeeding new baby

nursing newborn

You can see another favorite {This is Breastfeeding } photo here!


5 thoughts on “This is Breastfeeding {Take 2}

  1. One of the first pictures in all of my children’s photo albums is them nursing for the first time. It is such a powerful moment in the journey of motherhood. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Why would facebook ban this? they have plenty of raunchy women photos for “entertainment” purposes. Are you serious?

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