The Diversity of ‘Birth Without Fear’ Pregnant and Birthing Women

I have received comments on this post and this one stating that I am intentionally not showing diversity in women and families.

First, let me say that I would never do that. I love diversity!

Second, I think it’s judgmental to assume that the pictures/women are not diverse! Just because someone is has light skin, doesn’t mean they are caucasian. Also, don’t assume they are straight, or married, etc.

Third, well…I can only post the pictures that BWF Moms send me. If I don’t have it, I don’t have it.

So, here are some pictures to show the diversity of BWF Women. A little bit of everything.

Sent in by Mae Burke Photography.

Angela nursing her 10 month old Monkey.

Sent in by Synethia.

“This is my family. Brown daddy, white mama, 8 kids, (including 2 daughters boyfriends) one baby in my belly and Santa! We’re LOVE crazy!!!” ~Mamabear Nonamom

“This is just after the birth of my 3rd child. Her very first meal, and an intense bonding moment between mom and newborn, I was crying which is why you cant see my face.” ~Samantha

Establishing a breastfeeding in the hospital.


Linda: “Working mumma breastfeeding in the office.”

Shanna with her husband and son, Rowan.

Nadine: “I am Hispanic and Dutch (racial background) American my Hubbs is German (racial background) American together we made a super baby!! I am sending another pic of us, he is wearing a superman cloth diaper made by Bunzuke Cloth cloth diapers!”

“I (Elizabeth) am in purple, sitting on my husband, Sean’s, lap with our youngest daughter, Adriana (then 2), on his lap next to me. Our son, Sean Kevin II (then 9) is the oldest, in dots is Faelynne (then 3), Caetlin (then 8) is behind her. Standing in the back is Christina, Adriana’s bio-mom. This is our blended family. All under one roof, never boring always eventful.”

Nicky with her girlfriend, Christy, holding their baby boy (Devin) for the first time after Nicky’s cesarean section. It was moments after his birth on 02/04/11. He was 9.6lbs and 21 inches.

“My 7 month and I. This afternoon nursing session is what gets me through my work day.” ~Whitney

My friend Amal and her family.

“Myself and my biracial (caucasian and African American) daughter.” ~Allison Y.

Siobhan, her husband Ian, and her daughter Saoirse.

Shir,  Pedro and baby Noah ( by Alejandro Llauro Photography”)

“Noah holding his own bottle of yes, formula. I was breastfeeding til 5 months, got hospitalized on and off for 2 weeks and they told me to stop because of the harsh medications. I could have started again, but he was sleeping better, feeling better, acting better, grew hair faster, and he was happier. I realized it was because my breastmilk was not giving him what he needed (it was pretty much water because of my gallbladder attacks), so I stopped.

Selina: ” I have changed my parenting style over the last 3 years, I’ve formula fed, had an epidural, breast fed, and gone completely drug free, I’ve felt weak, I’ve felt empowered, and I am really just learning everyday!”


“Me tandem nursing for the first time just a few minutes after the birth of my daughter.” ~Aimee F.

Amy P.: “From Christmas day. Our miss 2 and miss 3 on Nana’s recliner chair.”

“Diversity in the world is a basic characteristic of human society, and also the key condition for a lively and dynamic world as we see today.” ~Jinato Hu


  • Elizabeth

    Our family (pic #14) is a poly-family. Christina, Adriana’s bio-mom, is Sean Sr.’s SO/fiance. The closest popular example would be the show “Sister Wives” for lack of a better comparison. Although our family has a few significant differences.

    Oh, not sure how the smiley face got in there but Caetlin was 8 when the picture was taken. 🙂

  • Najwa

    I just want to point out that I am African American, a Muslim and although I don’t see AA womenor Muslim women on your posts, I LOVE your blog and can still relate to stories posted. If I am so hell-bent on seeing an African American woman or a Muslim woman being represented in your blog, I would send in my OWN pics! Some people just want to bicker and argue over unnecessary issues and you can’t please them all. Just like on the Mrs. BWF contest, I didn’t see any other Black men except for the Tyrese pic I sent in and guess, what? You featured it with no problems, so I would never say that you are intentionally not featuring other races.

  • Elizabeth

    I think your blog posts are wonderful! As a part of a blended family I’ve never noticed anything amiss with the pictures you post I always just figured you posted pictures of what you had and what people sent you. Although if you needed another *wink-wink* I have a blended family of Hispanic and Caucasian (hubby is Hispanic and I’m Caucasian and our daughter is half and half obviously). Although sadly I don’t nurse.

  • RachelD

    I was at a seminar once about where all the ‘races’ of the world originated from (from a Biblical, historical and genetic point of view). The Doctor/Scientist who was speaking said that biologically there is only 0.2% difference in the chemical makeup of a Caucasian compared with an Asian, compared with an African…. So we are not that diverse really. In the sense of we are all unique but at the same time, we are all human, we are all essentially one race. We started from Adam and Eve, so we are ALL family! I agree with the post above that said that ‘people make *too* big a deal of diversity…. That said…. I love this post and the beautiful pictures of everyone… 😀

  • Jennifer Noble

    I think of diversity of so much more than just colour. My husband is Scottish born and raised. My daughter was also born over there so she gets the added luxury of having that bit of diversity in her. But you would never be able to tell in pictures because we’re all “white”. I find it narrow minded and ignorant to pigeonhole diversity like that.
    Thank you so much for your blogs. They always mean the world to me.

    *sent from phone, sorry for silly mistakes.

  • Brianne Babb

    When I get a photo shoot done of my boys, my husband, and I, I will send in a photo. We all have pale skin, me the palest of all. I’m half Hispanic-half Irish, ALL American. Skin tone does not negate race. Period.
    Also I LOVE the picture of the poly-family. Family is family. <3

  • Brittnee

    People will complain about anything. There is so much diversity in parenting styles and life style choices even in “white” families. My daughter is half Mexican but looks like a little white girl, light brown hair and all. I like that we’re breaking stereotypes 🙂

  • samantha

    One of those is mine. And really, is there such a thing as ‘purebred’ anymore? Even, though my appearance, and that of my husband is white “caucasian” the truth is we both carry a fair amount of native american in our backgrounds lol. I think people look for problems where there aren’t any because they are generally bitter unhappy people. I love your blog and would never suggest you purpose omitting stories and pictures due to race. It just goes to show that there are harpies out there everywhere! Ps. I love this post, a blended family is just a beautiful as a any other type of family!

  • Amy

    hahaaaa!!! love these!! I’m a ‘purebred’ korean gal who hails from the Hermit Kingdom (nickname for korea) that made babies with an awesome, handsome handsome ‘european mutt’ american husband (German, Italian, Norwegian, English, Irish) and I must say that I’m quite smitten with my gorgeous babes… I’d love to share some of our pics too!!

  • Karis

    Love these pics. I am Australian living in Thailand with my Thai husband and our almost 1-year-old son. I sent some pics breastfeeding at a waterfall in Isaan, Thailand a couple months ago and never got a reply (except for the automatic reply) maybe they went to the spam folder? Hate when that happens! But thanks for posting these pictures. Diversity is a beautiful thing 🙂

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