AMAZING Footling Breech Cesarean Birth Photos

I literally GASPED when I saw these pictures.

“These photos are from the breech cesarean birth that I photographed on Thursday. The doctors and hospital were extremely generous and allowed me to photograph the entire birth as baby came out. Mom has given me permission to share.   This was far from her initial home birth plan, but this super Mom is very happy with the outcome of her birth and thrilled that I was allowed to document it.” ~Andrea Oleson

According to Mom, ”The OP report says she was a single footling breech with the other foot wedged up by her head and shoulder in my rib cage.”


All photos by AndreaG Photography


  • Tymerie

    Wow. This is amazing! This is how my son was born. My mom told me that she saw him come out feet first, but I’ve never been able to actually see any footling breech pictures before. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Amy Short

    I just had a c-section yesterday for the exact same positioning. Baby was breech, one foot was in my cervix and the other was up next to her face (in my ribs). I never would have chosen anything other than a vaginal delivery, but sometimes no matter what you do there isn’t any other choice, I am thrilled with my experience. I was able to watch her be born and have immediate skin to skin in the OR. I tried to nurse her as well, but she wasn’t quite interested yet. We were never seperated…ever. I just pray that this becomes the normal for all c-sections everywhere. Couldn’t have asked for better care 😀

  • Kay Xiong

    I wished I could of had capture the moments of both my kids birth. My husband’s kind of upset too cos he didn’t get the chance to. It is amazing how a child is being brought into the world.

  • Tara E

    super cool! wish i could have had some pics of my c-sec. my son was frank breech. baby #2 is due in 9 days and i’m so excited to meet this little person. pregnancy/birth is so amazing to me… hoping for a successful VBAC with this one.

  • Donna

    wow! similar to my daughters presentation – footling breech/transverse 1 wk after spontaneous rupture of membranes at 33+5wks. sometimes we just have to lay aside our plans for birth. is that a classical (vertical) incision on skin and uterus? FYI mine was horizontal on my skin and transverse on my uterus. i also managed to have a natural birth 3 1/2 years later (in australia). best wishes for mum and baby and thanks for the amazing photography.

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