Breast is Normal, Fed is Best

breastfeeding, world breastfeeding week, bottle feedingI’m not censoring myself. When my oldest was a year old, a friend told me that my baby and I couldn’t be as bonded as her and her baby because we bottle fed and she breastfed. I wasn’t offended, I was confused. I had a very deep bond with my baby and was madly in love her, so how could she claim that? To this day we have a deep connection.

What pretentious, judgmental bullshit that was. It is absolutely ridiculous when mothers judge each other over breastfeeding and bottle feeding (it goes both ways). I am not talking about educating or sharing information, but flat out arguing, being snobby, gossiping, and being hateful. If a baby is fed and everyone is happy, keep your mouth shut and fingers off the keyboard.

My goodness, ladies, there are bigger problems. Like hungry babies fucking dying. If you are so upset that you need to tear another mother down, get on a damn plane and fly somewhere and nurse those babies. Or feed people in your community because there are starving children right in your neighborhood!

You don’t think women who feed their babies formula know breast is best? No shit. But you know what? You aren’t living their life. You aren’t dealing with their past abuse issues, or postpartum depression, or cracked bleeding nipples, or whatever else led to their choice. A woman wants to cover or not when she nurses, that’s her choice. She wants to nurse her 2 or 3 year old, not your problem.

NEWS FLASH: You don’t have to always share your opinions. Read it again. Wish I realized that in my twenties.

So, let me tell you about these two pictures… Both are same mom, same baby, same day. Both are of a mom who loves her baby with every fiber of her being. Both are of a baby who is loved, fed, sheltered, and adored. Both are of a mom and baby bonding. Both have a baby’s tummy getting full. Both are of a mom doing what she feels best at the given time. More similarities than differences.

Be a nice human and raise kind children. That’s what our babies need!

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  • Kerry

    Love it!! I couldn’t agree more. Breast fed my first baby until 1, bottle fed my second due to a ton of different reasons. Felt I had to justify my choice both times, had judgmental comments passed to me both times. There is no right or wrong way as long as your baby is fed.

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