Reality of Breastfeeding…Where are the Rainbows?

Let’s talk about breastfeeding for a moment. While it would be wonderful if all babies magically nursed perfectly, well…they don’t.

breastfeed without fear

Similar to pregnancy, birth, and motherhood…. breastfeeding is another life lesson that can push us to our limits. It’s a *journey* all of its own.

Out of six children, I have nursed four. I’ve also used formula, pumped (a lot), made my own formula, donated milk, and breastfed babies and toddlers. Also, out of six children, #beardbaby is the only one to come out and latch perfectly (it’s because of the beard magic).

There is no one perfect way for every person, baby, and situation. Yes, breastmilk is a perfect food and our babies are meant to have it. In an ideal world all mothers would make enough milk, all babies would have the perfect latch, and rainbows would appear when we figure it out.

breastfeed without fear

Reality is not always ideal though. What I’m saying is, work hard to give your babies the best nutrition you can, but give yourself grace when it’s hard. Mamas need to be healthy not just physically, but also emotionally and mentally. Do what is best for you, your baby, and your family. Do not care what others say or think. This goes for breastfeeding how and where you please, or if you choose to pump, use donated milk, or use formula.

What matters is you are healthy, your baby is healthy, and your baby is loved and fed. You are doing your best. You are doing enough. Feed and love without fear.

breastfeed without fear

Photography by Leilani Rogers Photographer.

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