One Month w/o Facebook. Now What?

by Mrs. BWF on November 16, 2012

Today marks one month I left Facebook. All I can say is…it has been peaceful. My life calmed way down when I removed the chaos of updates, answering questions, moderating comments, etc. In that month, we’ve been posting a lot more on the blog and sharing on Pinterest. It has been fun, actually. I’ve really enjoyed it.

Many of you miss the presence of BWF on Facebook because it’s your ‘go to’ place to see what’s new and happening and I get that. A few of you have emailed saying you were inspired to leave the drama of FB behind or cut way back to focus more on you and your family. Love that.

After removing myself (read: becoming unattached), I have been able to ponder and pray about the role BWF has in my life and in yours, and the role FB has for BWF {and again, for all of you}.

I will remain off FB…personally. I just do not have room in my life for it. My health, faith, kids, business and blog are my focus. However, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing {something I’m working on}. Many blogs and businesses have social media pages they let others run. We have some awesome ladies helping with the BWF Blog now and we have a few who are willing to help with BWF Facebook. We will share posts again and they will simply keep an eye and moderate, while I will remain over here at the blog. {Except Sundays…we will always take Sundays off! Need to ensure a day of rest.}


So if you need me, I’ll be blogging, pinning on Pinterest or checking my email. I appreciate all of our readers so very much. Many of you have unconditionally supported me and BWF by continuing to read the blog, commenting on Pinterest, and sharing blog posts. Thank you for your mututal respect and support! That’s what it’s all about.



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